TIME TO CALL OUT MEXICO'S RACISM - Political News for July 9th

TIME TO CALL OUT MEXICO'S RACISM - Political News for July 9th

Time to call out Mexico's racism. While everyone's picking on Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona who is desperate to protect the people of Arizona from the violent drug cartels, it might be helpful to take a quick peak at the other side of the border. While the President of Mexico comes to the U.S. Congress to scold America for its immorality, it might be time to call Mexico on the carpet for its complete and total hypocrisy - and the Obama Administration as well.

Anthony Kang of the "American Thinker" this week wrote a column on the subject of Mexico's racism. With the spotlight triggered by Mexican players at the World Cup sporting black face, wild animal skins, and "fro" wigs, Mexico turned the glaring racism spotlight back on itself.

Kang states,

"Racism is alive and well in Mexico. It is primarily directed at indigenous communities who account for as many as 11.3 million people, or roughly 10% of the national population. The indigenous remain disproportionately mired in poverty and denied work, political access, education and other rights."

Ask yourself, why isn't the mainstream media talking about this? Is it political incorrect to talk about Mexico's racism? Maybe because it doesn't serve a political purpose to those seeking more power in the U.S. by manipulating the idea of race and diversity for personal gain?

Get the facts. Read more at American Thinker.

Gibbs' Idiot Factor Revealed With Tough Immigration Question. Bumbling fool Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stumbled over a tough question this week on immigration. When asked about the Justice Department's federal lawsuit against Arizona's immigration law, a reporter asked him about states with "sanctuary city" laws that completely conflict with the feds' law. His response was...helpful:

After filing the lawsuit against Arizona, Obama's numbers hit bottom. The numbers are in and it is not good for the President. Today's poll shows President Obama at its worst ever. Now forty-eight percent now disapprove of Obama's job performance, which matches his record disapproval in March, April, and June, which followed the passage of the President's healthcare "reform" bill measure known as "Obamacare." The measure was passed through the misuse of a process known as "reconciliation," rather than a normal voting procedure by the House and U.S. Senate. In a poll taken on July 5th, fully 60% of the American people would repeal this 2,000 page monstrosity that no one on Capitol Hill bothered to read, that lawmakers passed on the weekend, and shut down the phone lines so they wouldn't have to hear from their constituents. Ah, Obama's America. Doesn't it just make you feel good?

So, Obama's numbers are bad, huh? I wonder why...

Whatever credit card the State of Illinois has...I want it.

This week, the New York Times reports that the State of Illinois has stopped paying its bills.
The state is in the hole $5.01 billion and lawmakers are refusing to make cuts necessary to close the deficit. In fact, they went on vacation without deciding how to pay 26 percent of the budget.

So, Pat Quinn, what kind of credit card is that and...how can we get one?


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  • You guys should stop complaining cuz one the health care we have now isnt as good as it was supposed to be. also the law has just been signed give it a try u guys are too hard on democrats they went to college and we voted for most of these people.so if u want to say u have the right to choose tell that to ur congress men or state official. as for obama people are just tryin to make it look like america made a mistake he has done things to help us and we had a full 8 years of a terrible president and i will be so as happy as ever when a obama fixes bush's mistakes. You can find full medical coverage at the lowest price from http://bit.ly/chE6zp obama has to put up with the wo0rld judging his every move and trying to fix the mess we are in we are lucky anyone wants to be our president. STOP COMPLAINING AND GIVE HIM A BREAK. i wanna see one of yall do what he sas done. some people are just so ignorant.

  • In reply to trevinjake:

    No, buddy, circumventing the constitution isn't cool. You can sidestep the issue every which way you want, but people didn't vote for Obama to disrespect them or the U.S. Constitution. The people didn't want socialized healthcare and Obama just screwed them anyway. We will complain all we want and we won't give socialized medicine "a try" just because you want us to lie down and take it for you. There are real Americans and then there are the socialists. I think I know which way you go.

  • In reply to trevinjake:

    Racism exist not only in Mexico but throughout the all of Latin America and many other places including Africa and Asia . However, it is so internalized to denounce it is consider a treasonable act among Latin Americans . Those who dare to speak out are attack, ostracized and in cases object of hate by fellow Latin Americans.
    As a multiracial individual, I am concern that Latin American culture will dominate one day America because it will root in the same racist rules of engagement that exist ovethere. Most people do not want to admit that America has experience a greater progress in race relations due to distinct political and cultural model than any other civilization around the planet and America in contrast with racist Mexico, Brazil, Sudan, China is still majority White. Even left wing Latin American experts like Charles Moore , Black Cuban born and resident scholar in Brazil admit that there is more racism in L.A. culture than in America and he support as the best course of action to reduce racism is the assimilation into American culture by Latin American inmigrants. It is time that American political , cultural and religious leader start to be brave and honest and confront the manipulation of of Moral Authority than people from around the world exert in America regarding race relations, like Miss Hirsi famous phrase , American leaders should start calling things by their name because regardless of their country of birth, religion , race or social values .During the last 5 decades the Inmigrants from the Third World and their American born descendant keep lambasting America as racist while bowing their head and embracing racism in their communities" or cultures, houses of worship snd their support for Multiculturalism and for teaching their American born children to identify nationality wise with their father or grandfather land of birth and to loath America's culture as the worst and more racist in the world America erode our American Union and foster Balkanization, and keep alive the flames of separatism like the Aztlan movement . America is the best and most generous nation on Earth and it is for the good of everyone living in America to love, preserve and defend our Republic and honor it instead of trying to undermine or change into more racist and exploitative models like the ones in Mexico, in China, in Brazil, or Mauritania. American Conservative Leaders please speak out promote assimilation and defend our nation , America from so much hate, silence maybe buy short term votes from 'such communities" but the long term price is that such silence helps to feed unchallenging the gradually disintegration of America and turn American future leaders, our youth in the ones who will undo our Constitution, our Republic . It should not happen but it is happening and nobody wants to say anything about it or target "as racists , hate monger " who like Miss Hirsi says the truth be of race , social, cultural model , political model and like me learn to value the America and Western culture

  • Mr. Kelly, please stop the myth making on Arizona's Governor Brewer. She did everything she could, including lobbying of to kill the illegal immigrant bill before it got to her desk. She's adopted it as her own because it's been useful. Now she doesn't have to face up to her tax increase. Scapegoating still works for politicians who have no basic principles.

  • In reply to manderso:

    So, were you planning on addressing Mexico's racism and hypocrisy? Or were just going to forget about that one?

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