Mayor Daley's Latest Screw-Up: Transformers 3

Mayor Daley's Latest Screw-Up: Transformers 3
Can't walk across the Michigan Avenue bridge. River walk blocked. Trapped in your own office building. All exits are closed, guarded by pigtailed munchkins with chirpy voices (not from Chicago). How do you get out? The alley. The alley?! What the *($#@>! The enemy has arrived. Is it the Decepticons? No, it's Transformers 3. 
What can you do? Is there anyone who can save you? Well, the best I can tell you is forget about asking that mechanical diva, Optimus Prime, for help 'cause he's part of the problem. The other part of the problem is the genius in City Hall who approved of this fine mess. 

Today hundreds - no thousands - of Chicagoans were stepped on,
ridiculously inconvenienced, and disrespected by the arrival of a
fabricated piece of Hollywood junk. Whomever figured this logistical nightmare out - must have had a Mensa IQ - not.

Like many others, I'm forced to walk 10 blocks out of my way only to be accosted by yet another chirpy twit. (Hollywood must have a factory were they churn these suckers out.) I'm being told I can't use the sidewalk, blocks away from the Michigan Avenue set, because I "might be in the shot." Since when can they keep you off the sidewalk - blocks away from where the actors are working? How can they keep you from using all the exits of your building?

Do I care about all the fake Hollywood soldiers in their uniforms and toy guns? No. Do I care about the painted styrofoam pieces jutting out from the street, wrapped artfully around demolished cars, with puffs of smoke, and carefully lit fires? Not really. Let me be clear though - I am all for Hollywood in Chicago. I am just not for stupidity in Chicago.

What I care about is that I believe I had a shared experience with thousands of Chicagoans who must have been wondering, "why am I walking home through an alley, nearly being crushed by two movie semi-trailers who aren't watching where they are going for a movie about wiseguy robots from the future?" On the positive side, it was a sense of brotherhood. A shared trial and tribulation. On the negative side, I wouldn't want to repeat it again. Even if Angelina Jolie shows up next time in robot gear. (But at least that would have been something).

What I want to know is...what arrangement did "Transformers 3" make with the CIty of Chicago? Who approved it? And are the citizens, the voters of Chicago, going to receive a piece of what they got? Bare minimum, I expect a 'Ridiculously Disrespected by Transformers 3' tax credit from the City of Chicago come next year.

Or else...Mayor Daley can just Shia my LaBouf.


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  • So you're all for movies being filmed in Chicago, but they can't do it anywhere that people work or during the day?

    That's why movies used to be filmed in Toronto and claim it was "Chicago." You can't have it both ways. If the movies, and the millions of dollars they bring, are in Chicago, you might have to walk down an alley for a week.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    No they can do it where we work, but they need to respect that we work there. I'm in NBC Tower and was also re-routed all over hell to get home. I walk to work and was VERY rudely talked to (meaning yelled at) by these d-bags, telling me I had to turn around cause the road was closed.

    If they're shooting fine, if not let me pass and shut the hell up Skippy. I hear the city got 20 million for allowing the shoot. Well Mayor Daley, I charge an INCONVENIENCE fee, and I want my cut.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    I definitely think you have a point. It sucks to be inconvenienced for a movie shoot that seems not to benefit you aside from bragging rights when you can point to a scene in Transformers 3 and say "hey that's where I walk to work everyday!"
    But at the same time, those bragging rights are kind of a cool thing to have. Maybe I'm just a little starry eyed, but knowing that people all over the world get to see an epic battle scene filmed right in front of the place I get to go to work everyday would be kinda awesome and worth only a week of inconvenience.
    And hey- at least they're not filming in the dead of winter! A little stroll on a summer day isn't the worst thing that could happen.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    The whole Transformer shot could have and should have been better planned out. Lord knows I never had so much trouble just crossing Michigan Avenue in my life. And who in there righ mind wants to just wander lower Michigan Avenue or Wacker Drive just to try and find a way to the surface. The Transformers had turned us into Mole People.

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