Today is April 15th - Tax Day - and the perfect time to remind the country about the overreach of the federal government into our lives, wasteful spending that disrespects Americans, and the recklessness, fraud, and corruption of the very people who are supposed to represent our voice. That is the essence of the Tea Party Movement.

At Chicago's Daley Plaza today at noon, I will be speaking at the Official Chicago Tea Party Rally and I hope to see you there. If you are in the suburbs, there are plenty of Tea Party rallies to attend - in Palatine, in Naperville, in Moline, in Bloomington, in Peoria, and elsewhere. No matter where you live, there is a Tea Party rally close by. Who will you find there? Well, your friends and neighbors who are bravely standing up and speaking out.

If you need to locate the nearest one, here's a good link that allows you to search for all the tea parties in your area. and click "search."

So...where will you be?

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