While the college set splashes around in Miami or South Beach waters, little do they know that Illinois has its own hot Spring Break Destination: Springfield. Everyday is Spring Break in Springfield! It's wet, it's wild, and it's a non-stop, 24/7 party with Governor Pat Quinn leading the conga line. Best of all for them, it's on your dime. But, hey, when the government is involved, someone's gotta be left holding the barf bag. It might as well be you. I mean, you wouldn't want to be the one to stop them from having all the fun, would you?

Wouldn't it be cool though - just for once - to see how this other half lives? No, I'm not talking about the rich and wealthy. You see, because somewhere along the line, they worked for their money or their dad, who had nothing, did; or they risked money in the markets because they understood the risk-reward nature of the free market system. It was a system that, at one time, made America the most prosperous country on Earth. It is a system that now is quickly falling away, layer by layer, brick by brick. Heck, who am I kidding? There's a wrecking ball to capitalism taking place in favor of a diseased European style socialism with its 20% value added consumption taxes. Problem is...that system doesn't even work. So, where is the fun in that? That's where the new privileged political class comes in. A new political class with its perks and early retirement plans and double dipping pensions. Now, even though Illinois is short of funds, we're on the hook for another mandated $35 billion to fund Illinois' pension millionaires. How nice of them to give us this present. Happy Spring Break everyone!
Maybe that's where Pat Quinn and his party boys in Springfield have it right. Maybe it's time to get back to fun! It's time to chillax, order a round of margaritas, and take it to the beach. Forget about the U.S. debt of $13 trillion dollars and Illinois' projected budget deficit of $13 billion. In that spirit of fun, here's some pics I took at Governor Quinn's Spring Break in Springfield with the help of the Illinois Policy Institute's 2010 Piglet Booklet. Since, again, it's your money, that is the least I can do.


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  • I don't get it. Is this a humor piece? Where's the 'Spring Break' hook? Is the whole point that we have a Governor and it's springtime? I see you did a photoshop.

  • In reply to cflly:

    OK - I'll give you a break this time. Satire means that you poke fun at something serious through humorous example. So, here, I am comparing Pat Quinn's spending habits (and those of our legislators) to drunk, wild teenagers on Spring Break. If you look at the slide show and its captions, you will see why I make the comparison. Come on, it's not that hard! Maybe your just not used to "conservative" satire. I's rare. No worries, buddy!

  • In reply to WilliamJKelly:

    I mean, I understand the ostensible comparison, it just feels tired/forced. If they weren't actually staying in session through the spring (e.g., if they were off on vacation while the state continues to run up huge bills), it'd make more sense.

  • In reply to cflly:

    Actually, you apparently don't seem to understand the comparison at all. Quinn and the rest of our elected officials are spending on ridiculous things when Illinois is in crisis. Springfield doesn't have to literally go on a "vaction" in order to make the Spring Break comparison. The point is...Springfield's spending behavior is adolescent, bizarre, and reckless. Oh well...there's always next time. :)

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