Love vs Companionship

Love vs Companionship

When you’re lucky enough to find love; embrace it to the fullest. There is one thing to be in a relationship and another to be in love. The moment will strike you when understand & accept the difference.

Only you can choose which you will allow yourself to accept. Some women/men choose to be in a relationship for companionship. This meaning they will share very few things with their partner because they don’t want the commitment or don’t feel as passionate towards that person because they’re not in love. If the two of you are in agreement so be it. As long as the two of you understand & accept that is all it will ever be. This type of relationship (companionship) can work for the both of them as long as this is understood.

However; what if one person truly is in it for the company while the other is madly in love with them? How does this work? It’s this simple. It doesn’t. The person in love is settling for less than they deserve. They are in denial; wishing & waiting for something that will not happen. Is this to say the person who is “comfortable” with the companionship is selfish? No, if that person has explained there is to be no expectations from the union they are being upfront and honest. It is the person who is in love’s responsibility to choose to find true love or continue to settle.

Every person in a relationship has the choice to give love as they wish to receive it. Love is unconditional it is understanding, communication, respect, honesty and a connection like no other. When you’re lucky enough to find & share this with another person, it’s the most powerful feeling ever. It is a special bond that only the two of you can hold together.

When you find that person that you want to share your life with, embrace & appreciate it. Do not ever take it for granted. Love is grand & when you have it with someone every moment can be gratification. Your day can start with a smile knowing that you’re waking up next to the person that is your better half. This is the person who knows & understands every part of your mind and heart. This person can make you laugh, smile & cry all at the same time; from the pure love they share with you. This person will have so much in common with you it feels as if the two of you are one person. This kind of love is so strong & deserving that many will envy it. This is the kind of love that lasts a lifetime.

So when you’re lucky enough to find love from another. Go for it, give it your all, appreciate it, respect it and enjoy it. When you’re not fortunate to receive the same in a relationship & know you deserve more. It is time to stop worrying about when will they love you and learn to love yourself more by not accepting anything less.

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