When you know

When you know
Let go

For some couples there may come a time in a relationship or marriage. When you know the union has come to an end. The both of you know deep in your hearts that you have tried everything from communication, arguing to counseling. The reality of the ending must be faced. How do you do so? When love has never been an issue?

Sometimes couples remain living together for financial reasons, the sake of the children or an amicable friendship. This may work for some couples however I personally believe it can create some type of conflict down the line.

For instance, what happens when either party decides they want to go out on a date? The love you once felt for this person; if not still will create some type of jealousy or even resentment? This can create a whole entire new attitude towards one another or with the children involved. Why cause more issues. It is in my personal opinion that couples who end their relationship should end their living arrangements as well. There must be boundaries and respect for one another; if all ends well.

When you know that you are done trying & neither one of you are ready to take the next step. What do you do? Do you ignore the entire ending of the relationship and continue to live like "no love lost" has happened? No. This type of behavior is not healthy. When your relationship has ended both parties should have an ending conversation, separate all ties (if no children involved) and part ways amicably. This is how it should be done. However in many cases there is bitterness that takes the best of some couples. This ending in a horrible separation. Do not fall into that category.

When you have ended a long term relationship, yes it will hurt. However, stop and think “What hurts more?” Staying in a relationship that you cannot let go of? Staying in a relationship knowing very well the other party isn’t invested as you are. Whatever the reason being keep in mind that when ending a relationship. You’re also ending a part of your life that went with it. So when you're ready to end it do so as easy as you can.

It is always best to end things in a mature, responsible manner. It is possible to remain friends with someone you were once deeply involved with or married too. Sometimes love isn't enough and certain circumstances will end the union. Many say "Love conquers all." I too have said this and have seen that sometimes it isn't. Loving someone and being IN love with someone are too totally different things.

So when the time comes do what you need to do. Fix what needs to be fixed or end things the right way and move forward with life. Life is too short to be in a relationship that is no longer making either of you happy. When you know; you know.

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