Individuality & Relationships

Individuality & Relationships
Never stop doing what makes you who you are.

Individuality in relationships should never be forgotten. When you’re in a relationship everything should be equal. It’s what makes the relationship work.

Over the years some relationships seem to lose their identity as a person because they’ve become the couple. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being the couple you are. It is just that there is more to being a couple than just the two of you. You must remember your individuality. After all it is what brought the two of you together.

Every person is their own before you become involved with someone. It is what draws attraction to one another. When you have been involved in a relationship for a long time, never lose who you are as an individual. It’s the only thing you have left of yourself.

It doesn’t mean you’re selfish. It means that you continue to do the things that make you who you are. Do not ever stop enjoying the things you do because you’re in a relationship. When you stop being who you are you lose yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being involved with someone. You’re sharing your life with someone. There is an absolute must that you keep your individuality as well.

There will be plenty of times that one needs time or space away from the partner. This doesn’t mean that you want to end things. It merely shows that sometimes you need to do things for yourself. There is certainly nothing wrong with doing things without your partner. Sometimes you just need to indulge in all that you love as the person you are.

It can be taking a walk by yourself or sitting in a café enjoying an ice cream or a movie alone. It can mean taking a bubble bath or going to a salon and taking care of you. It can mean going to hang out with your friends and talk about everything and anything. It can mean going fishing or solely sitting in the sun and enjoying the world.

There are things that you loved to do by yourself. Do not stop doing them because you are in a relationship. If going out with your friends without your partner becomes an issue in your relationship; it’s time for a discussion with them. When you take the time communicating things as such your relationship will be stronger.

Do not ever let your relationship make you forget your uniqueness. Do not stop being who you are to please another. There are many things you do as a couple but there will always be things you love to do as an individual.

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