Addiction over love

Addiction over love

Men who prefer to masturbation over their partner. Is this considered an addiction? How normal is this? Is this a new trend? Or is there a deeper issue at hand? In my opinion it seems that men are the one who fall into this phase more than women can. Yes, women also do it. I took this topic to social media and will share a few responses from both male & females.

Female responses:

  1. He's just a pervert.
  2. He enjoys watching what he can’t have.
  3. He’s lazy & finds ways not to have foreplay or intimacy with their partners.
  4. He likes to fantasize and try to come at you with all that nastiness.
  5. He’s can’t get it up with an actual person

Male responses:

  1. She is always tired, on her period or has a headache.
  2. She doesn’t do what I like.
  3. Sometimes there is no time because of children, job hours and or medical issues.
  4. She wants all the foreplay and sometimes there isn’t time for that. A quick handle in the bathroom and good to go.
  5. Drama Free.

SO, as I read all these comments. I began to try and think logically. I thought maybe some women find this to be a bigger issue than it really is. Why? Because no matter what the reason is. The answer remains as this; they are not having sex with you.

There are articles with statistics showing that the average amount of sex in a married couple is once a week. I don’t see where they got these numbers because that would equal to 54 times a year? Who did they interview geriatric people?

Many relationships have their ups and downs when it comes to sex or intimacy. If you’re married sex isn’t or shouldn’t be the basis of the entire relationship but it is a major factor; especially when you aren’t receiving any at all. If you don’t discuss the problem it can become a serious issue. When a man or woman begins to prefer masturbation over his partner it should be a red flag that your relationship is in trouble.

All couples should take the time to find out what is wrong. The both of you can try communicating. How are you supposed to know what your partner is feeling or what they like if you don’t speak about it?

If a man/woman continues to reject his partner time after time yet they’re masturbating to porn every moment the partner is not around. This can mean they are addicted to porn and can be the only way for gratification. It can also suggest a choice to disconnect with any other human being.

The argument on what the reason behind the preference is can go on and on. The bottom line being it’s affecting your relationship and or marriage. Each and every person that chooses masturbation over a real person must find out the reason for the behavior.

So, whenever or however you choose to understand why one behaves as such. At least have the decency to wipe your partner’s tears away before wiping yours out.

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