Is this your relationship?

Is this your relationship?
You're not going without me!

When you’re in a relationship the key to it all is communication. If & when there is something that you’re not so sure you like of your partner; do you let them know or stay quiet? You know that saying “Some things are better left unsaid.” What if it becomes so annoying to you that you cannot stand it any longer?

These are issues that happen in every relationship. When you communicate, perhaps those little irritating things or emotions can be dealt with. For example if your partner has an etiquette or hygiene problem (which I hope no one does) then you let them know in a nice civil way. Do not go yelling at them to close their mouth when they chew, don’t talk with your mouth full or hey you stink! This way of communicating is not communicating; rather an insult. You bring the topic up in a conversation. You let them know that there is something you would like to discuss. This is the right way to speak to one another.

This method of communication works very well. So, once you have that topic open you should bring about any other issues that should be addressed. Do not be afraid to speak to one another on any matters that affect your relationship.

Sometimes when a problem is not discussed it just may be the reason your relationship ends. Take for example:

If & when your partner becomes “clingy" Do you approach them on this matter or leave it be until you can bare it no longer & want to walk out of the relationship? The answer is simple. You discuss the matter. If this person relies on you for every moment of life they breathe; then you seriously have a problem. No matter what kind of relationship you’re in; every person is still an individual and shouldn’t make the other their entire reason for living. This is absurd & dangerous.

Every person knows of someone who is such way. When all you know is the person you’re in a relationship with; it can become frightening. It becomes more of an obsession, the fear of them leaving you. You give up everything and everyone in your life that makes you an individual. You have no self esteem for being you. All you can think about is that person. You have become that clingy person.

If you’re involved with this type of person; be cautious. The two of you need to discuss the behavior and resolve it before it escalades into something much more than you can handle. If you’re happy with this type of person more power to you. Love is in the eye of the beholder.

Everyone wants and needs love. Don’t be eager to take it from someone who has controlling, obsessive issues unless you enjoy being submissive. Do keep some compassion when and if you ever have to have this type of conversation with your partner.

Please keep in mind; no matter what (if any issues) in your relationship. It is ALWAYS best to COMMUNICATE. It is always best to be honest & have a healthy relationship than lying to that clingy person & yourself that you are both happy.


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