Those Moments

Those Moments

You know those moments when you feel like everything is going wrong. Those are the times we need to remember all the good that is in our life. There are plenty of times we have all experienced these types of moments.

The “Monday Blues”; of course everyone loves to enjoy their weekends. You’re filling all those little gaps of time with things, people and places you need to be with. You’re having so much fun that time goes by so quickly its Monday morning. Your work schedule resumes. When those moments of gloom start taking up your positivity; simply focus on the wonderful time you had with whomever doing whatever. Don’t pout.

You know those moments when you’re so angry for whatever reason at your job. Those moments where you just want to walk out. Yes you know exactly what I speak of. We all have experienced an irate moment. When that happens take a break, go for a walk, refocus & keep in mind you have bills to pay and you’re blessed to have a job today. There are thousands of people out in the world without a job and are struggling to find one.

Another one of those moments are when other’s inadequacies are bringing you down. DO NOT allow this to happen. It’s that simple. When you do this you’re adding on unnecessary stress and issues to your life. If you have your own problems why take on another? Yes, it’s in our nature to help but what extent? Do what you can but do not lose yourself in the process.

In your relationship or marriage you will definitely have those moments where you want to end things. Once again take a step back, breathe and when you’re ready; communicate. Those heated argumentative moments are when things that should’ve never been said are done. You may possibly live with regret when things of such happen. It is never a good idea to go to bed angry with one another. Do yourselves a favor and do what needs to be done to calm those moments down. If you can; try to remember all the good things in your relationship that keep you strong & together. When ready communicate.

There are plenty of times we will all experience “those moments”. Sometimes it is easier said than done to try and remain calm during that time. I can’t emphasize enough on stepping back and calming down. It’s the only solution to rethink everything and gain your composure. Why allow those moments to possibly change your entire life.

I hope you will share this blog to those who easily become irritated or keep simply when you find yourself in “THOSE MOMENTS”.


Thanks for reading and or sharing.

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