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YouTube, for over 10 years I have begged you to get rid of the racist El Negrito Tomas and El Negro Mama

YouTube is the biggest channel racists have to recruit and spread their views. For over a decade, I have reported hundreds of racist videos and comments that YouTube has refused to remove. Now, YouTube has posted a silly message in support of Black Lives Matter, while still refusing to remove videos like El Negrito Tomas,... Read more »

11 Most annoying things YouTubers do

Since the talk has been so much about the coronavirus I have decided to create a fun post on YouTubers strange habits since the website is a big part of many of our daily lives. There are some things that YouTubers do that is very annoying. Here is a list of the eleven most annoying... Read more »

The boring Oscars need a host to be watchable

I am not going to lie by saying I do not care to watch the Oscars this year just like I did not care to watch it the last 3 to 4 years. Wait a minute, I must admit, I like to watch the opening monologue, but after that, I usually tune out. I mean... Read more »

Interview with Film Producer Mara Lesemann

Mara Lesemann is the producer of About Us Productions. I recently caught up with her to discuss her award-winning film Detours. How did you get started in the film business? I started out writing plays – first one acts, then full-length plays. A number of them were produced off-off-Broadway in NYC, and I loved it.... Read more »

Tori Powell is a Chicago artist you should know

Tori Powell is a Chicago artist you show know. The Carbondale native turn Chicagoan started taking his art serious when he was twelve and serving a month on punishment with no television and phone. Well that was two decades ago, today the 35 year old artist work as a Federal Corrections officer and a security... Read more »

Chicago casting company for Empire, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD is looking for Chicago actors

Simon Casting the casting company for popular television shows such as Empire, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD is looking for unrepresented Chicago talent. Here is Simon Casting audition call: WE WANT TO MEET YOU! We are now accepting submissions for General Auditions for unrepresented Chicago talent. Please send your headshot and resume to Please... Read more »

Kanye what did President Trump improve in Chicago?

Kanye West this week tweeted out his support for President Donald Trump. Kanye even went as far as posting a picture of a signed “Make America Great Again” hat. Then to make matters worse, Kanye criticized former President Barack Obama in a tweet by saying “Obama was in office eight years and nothing changed in... Read more »

Chicago native and Actress Sherri Shepherd Accuses Staples of Racially Profiling Her (Video)

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What is missing from this video is the ending where Sherri Shepherd says the cashier said “I’m not going to take this sh#t. I’m not going to take this f#cking sh#t” before walking off. Here is a link to Sherri Shepherd’s full rant from her Instagram:

Mueller Must Charge the National Enquirer with Interfering with the Election

National Equirer lied by saying Clinton had six months to live.

Top Chicago Questions for 2018

Who will win the Illinois Governor’s race? Will billionaire JB Pritzker or Cris Kennedy be our next Governor or will Bruce Rauner find a way to win another term in Springfield. Will the Cubs make the World Series in 2018? After losing to the Dodgers in this year’s NLCS we will see if the Cubs... Read more »