My response to former Chicago Police Lieutenant Bob Angone article

My response to former Chicago Police Lieutenant Bob Angone article

Protesters protesting the killing of Laquan McDonald.

I have been blogging on ChicagoNow for over 16 months and I have not published a written response to another ChicagoNow blogger’s article in those 16 months, until now. I feel I must comment on Bob Angone article called Hate Hustlers/ Race Baiters/Ignoring Killers/ The Agenda is more important then the Truth

Bob Angone wrote:

Police leaders and Politicians have about as much to do with controlling violent crime THESE DAYS,  as they do controlling the weather. Those gang thugs will eventually find and kill each other and the mayhem will continue.

That is partially true, you can’t stop someone from committing a murder if they are truly determined to do so, but the police can do a better job of reducing the crime in the city. At the end of the day, the police have a job to do. Their job is to keep the city safe.

I grew up on the south side of Chicago where gang members sold drugs openly and would shoot their guns all day long. To say, the CPD could not stop it is untrue. All they needed was a camera and an unmarked car to record the drug dealing and the shootings to play in court, because they did the same thing every day in the same spot.

Many times, I would see car after car lined up in a long line to buy drugs on a very well-known drug spot. To say, the CPD could not figure out what was going on or could not stop it would be untrue.

Believe it or not, gangs in Chicago are very bad at covering-up where they are selling drugs and breaking the law. Roll down your window and you could follow the gunshots. They usually shoot their guns in the same spot every day around the same time from my experience.

Also, I was once caught-up in a shootout that lasted over 10 minutes when I was coming home for school. What did the Chicago police do doing the shootout? They drove around in circles with their sirens on. They did not try to stop the shootout. They kept driving around a block or two away with their sirens on until the shooting stopped.

As for the politicians, 90% of the crime in Chicago is because the politicians in Illinois are too weak on crime. No one fears breaking the law in Chicago. We must decide if our state will be about giving criminals a second, third and fourth chance to keep robbing, shooting and breaking the law or if we are going to get tough and get rid of the second chance for serious felonies. I say let the people of Illinois vote on what sort of state we will be.

As for Congressman Bobby Rush, who Bob mentioned, I am not a big fan of his and have communicated with him in the past over the phone and through emails. I would say he is as phony as it gets. He has paid his wife thousands in campaign funding and is part of so many problems, but I support him in defending Kim Foxx.

For the Fraternal Order of Police (who defended murderer Jason Van Dyke) to call for Foxx to resign over the Smollett case is a joke.

We can be against crime and hold the police accountable as well. Like I said before, I once had 5 CPD officers put their loaded guns to my head after accusing me of every crime in the book. The only reason they left me alone, was because I mentioned a former Marine and a Chicago Police Chief had sent me to the area after they trained me for a job and I had the paperwork to prove it.

There are some good cops, but there are some bad ones like the Albany police officers who committed police brutality.

I am for holding all people accountable for breaking the law rather they wear a uniform or not. The FOP is a huge problem because they defend murderers like Jason Van Dyke.

The FOP wanted Kim Foxx to resign and stood with a bunch of white police chiefs who also wanted her to resign. My question for the FOP is: Why didn’t we see Black, Asian or Latino police chiefs standing with their united front that called for Foxx’s resignation?

My response to former Chicago Police Lieutenant Bob Angone article

Why didn't any minority police chief join the FOP and others in calling for Kim Foxx to resign?

A Harvey, Illinois police chief said during an interview that he and 30 other black police chiefs of Cook County supports Kim Foxx.

Now, I am not trying to criticize Bob, but we see things differently. I have never walked in his shoes as a police officer. And he likely has never had a gun put to his head for no reason by CPD officers. I have. Every time the police pulls me over, I am likely one light shine of my car keys or cell phone away from being shot, which is something I never forgets.

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