Eleven reasons why Jussie Smollett likely would have won his case

Eleven reasons why Jussie Smollett likely would have won his case

A picture of Jussie Smollett at an awards ceremony.

I am not a lawyer. I am not trying to be a lawyer, but from my point of view the case against Jussie Smollett may not have been the slam dunk the Chicago police made it out to be. I know many lawyers (who said Casey Anthony and others would be found guilty) said the CPD had a really strong case, but to me there are several things that did not add up.

Here is my list:

  1. The Osundairo brothers have changed their story several times. They originally told the Grand Jury and CPD that the check was for training and that they did not have anything to do with mailing the letters.


  1. The Osundairo brothers did not mention anything about Smollett being involved in the attack for the first 47 hours they were in police custody. They changed their story after meeting with a lawyer.


  1. Motive: The Chicago police originally said through leaks that the Osundairo brothers told them that Smollett did it because he was afraid of being kicked off the show, which the Empire writers and producers have said no way that was going to happen since he is the third most important person on the show.

Later, the Chicago police Superintendent Johnson said Smollett did the attack because he wanted a raise in his salary, which the producers of Empire said is not true. Smollett actually helped negotiate his contract which pays him about $130k per episode. Also, the Empire producers have said Smollett and his agent have not brought up anything about him wanting a new contract. Smollett made about $520k before taxes in the last month from acting on Empire.

Eleven reasons why Jussie Smollett likely would have won his case

The Osundairo brothers have a history of making homophobic remarks on Twitter.

  1. The Osundairo brothers have a history of making homophobic remarks. They deleted homophobic tweets from their Twitter accounts. Also, two witnesses who worked with the brothers as background actors on Empire said they heard the brothers make several homophobic remarks; with one brother saying I could never be friends with a f word. Both those witnesses believe Smollett’s story.


  1. The Chicago police said Smollett paid the two brothers $3,500 to stage the attack which even their lawyer said was for training. The two brothers also told the Grand Jury the check was for training.


  1. The Chicago Police department has a history of lying. Remember, Jason Van Dyke fake police reports. Chicago has paid over $600 million in police misconduct settlements over the past 8 years.


  1. One of the Osundairo brothers was once charged with attempted murder and unlawful restraint.


  1. Why didn't the CPD charge the Osundairo brothers with a crime? Why not ask them to pay half the $130k? The CPD just wanted Smollett. The biggest mistake Smollett made was mentioning that Trump supporters attacked him since many in the CPD are Trump supporters.


  1. A news reporter found the bottle that was filled with bleach and was used to pour on Smollett near the scene. So, the CPD with their dogs that can track a scent for miles could not find a hot sauce bottle that once had bleach in it? Did they ever look?


  1. The CPD Superintendent Johnson said Smollett asked the brothers to write the fake letters and to give the letters to him so he can mail them.  1. Why would Smollett ask the brothers to write or prepare the fake letters for him to mail? Wouldn't it be easy for them to mail it? Why would the Osundairo brothers drive by multiple mailboxes to hand the letters to Smollett so he can mail them? Why would Smollett drive to the brothers house to get the letters to mail? If he asked them to fake the letters, wouldn't it be easy to ask them to mail them as well? Sounds like the brothers are lying because mailing the letters would be a Federal crime and their lawyer warned them of such.


  1. The FBI said the Chicago Superintendent Johnson should have never said Smollett mailed the letters since there’s no proof he mailed the letters and all the evidence was found in the Osundairo brothers apartment.

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