Mayor Rahm Emanuel who tried to cover-up a murder needs to shut up and go away

Mayor Rahm Emanuel who tried to cover-up a murder needs to shut up and go away

Protesters protest for the firing of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel who tried to cover-up the murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald criticized Jussie Smollett morals and ethics. Emanuel even said the city is owed an apology from Smollett. Well, Emanuel, how about apologizing to the McDonald family for trying to cover-up Laquan’s murder? Why didn’t you apologize to the African American community for trying to cover-up the murder of a young black male?

I still cannot figure out why Emanuel and the Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson are more angry about a celebrity not going to jail for a non-violent crime than with the three Chicago police officers who did not go to jail for filing false police reports in the McDonald case.

I also cannot get why Emanuel and Johnson was not angered by the Jason Van Dyke soft sentence for murdering McDonald. When it comes to police wrongdoing Emanuel and Johnson won’t comment, but they won’t shut up about this Smollett case where at the end of the day no one was hurt or murdered.

Johnson used this case to do a press tour like he was a rock star. He flew to New York to do a sit down interview on Good Morning America then later appeared on CNN and several more news stations. Johnson milked this case for everything. Emanuel who also appeared on CNN is likely using this case to set himself up for his next career move.

To be clear, Smollett, if convicted would likely have received community service just like Heidi Jones, the former weather person who got a misdemeanor and 350 hours of community service for making a false police report that she was raped.

George Papadopoulos only received 14 days in prison for lying to the FBI a much more serious charge. Emanuel and Johnson are nothing but a bunch of clowns putting on a show for the national media. They never wanted justice. They wanted a signature moment and a signature case to boost themselves on the national spotlight. I will bet everything I have that these two will write a book or try to get a national television job in the next few years. So, the clown show will likely continue.

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