CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson needs to get control of his police department and poor handling of the Smollett case

CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson needs to get control of his police department and poor handling of the Smollett case

Picture of Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

The Chicago Police Department (CPD) has become an embarrassment under Superintendent Eddie Johnson. The crime in certain parts of the city is out of control just like it was under Garry McCarthy. Instead of Johnson fixing the problem by finding a new strategy to police the city effectively; Johnson has used the same old talking points as Superintendents before him by saying crime is down and things are improving in the right direction.

Even worse, is the Chicago police pitiful handling of the Jussie Smollett case. From day one, several Chicago police officers/ spokesman have leaked information to the media to make it appear that Smollett was lying about his report of being assaulted.

The Chicago police started by saying they did not have video evidence that an assault took place and the two persons of interest in the video was never seen crossing the street where Smollett was walking. The police went further to make it appear Smollett was lying by saying there’s video of him wearing a rope while walking down the street as their way of hinting that the event was staged.

Superintendent Johnson in several interviews and statements have stated that the Chicago police has no reason to believe Smollett was lying, but the officers in his out-of-control department keeps hinting otherwise to the media.

Yesterday, several people inside the Chicago police department told the media that one of the two persons of interest appeared on the television show Empire with Smollett. Then later in the day, the several people inside the CPD told the media that CPD were investigating rather the men in the video and Smollett made up the story to keep Smollett from being written off the show.

Superintendent Johnson quickly called ABC 7 Chicago to state on the record that the reports of Smollett being investigated was inaccurate. The production company and the writers of Empire have called the reports of Smollett being possibly written off the show ridiculous. My question is what would make the CPD believe he was being written off the show without speaking to the show’s head writer, producer or production company.

Either way, Superintendent Johnson needs to get control of the case and stop the leaks. The constant leaks followed by him disputing what is being leaked makes it look like he has lost control of his department.

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