Chicago is not Chiraq

Chicago is not Chiraq

A picture of the Chicago river.

I am so sick and tired of hearing the word Chiraq. Chicago is not Chiraq. There are people who live peacefully in the city everyday and others that come here without a problem, but I keep hearing that stupid word Chiraq at least 2–3 times a week.

The crime problem with Chicago mainly comes from the city’s south and west side with some areas up north having gang problems as well, but that word Chiraq does not represent the 93% of Chicagoans who are nice, kind-hearted, decent people. It represents the few people who wears and says that word with a badge of honor as if growing up and living in a dangerous community proves something about their toughness.

On YouTube, you can watch hundreds if not thousands of videos of young mostly African American gang members brag about the violence in Chicago like it is something to be proud of; when in fact they should be talking about how they can improve their community and make it safer for the kids in the community.

Chicago is a wonderful city with a lot of good people, but our image has been brought down because of gangs and Republicans trying to score a political point against the Chicago-run Democrats.

Even Vice President Mike Pence won’t stop talking about the violence in Chicago. Well, Mr. Pence you left Indiana a complete mess. You should have done something about the gang violence in Gary or East Chicago before you left. Now those cities look like a war zone, but you and your GOP friends want to ignore that, right.

Chicago is not Chiraq

A picture of tourists at Chicago's Millennium Park.

Chicago is still a beautiful award-winning city with some problems that we are trying to address. Hopefully, the next mayor of Chicago would take my advice and push to get stricter laws passed in Springfield so we can at least get rid of the repeat offenders who are bringing down the city.

I know British based Time Out Magazine named Chicago the Best City in the World the last two years after surveying over 15,000 people, but how could we truly be considered the best city when we have people in certain communities living in fear.

Chicago Awards over the last 2 years:

In 2017 and 2018, British based Time Out Magazine named Chicago the BEST City in the World after surveying 15k.

In 2017 and 2018 New York based Conde Nast named Chicago the #1 best travel destination in the U.S after surveying over 300k people.

In 2018, Vancouver based firm Resonance Consultancy named Chicago the 7th best city in the world. Worlds-Best-Cities-Report.pdf

*In 2016, the New York based Conde Nast named Chicago the #2 best travel destination in the U.S after surveying over 300k people.

*USNews ranked Chicago as the 3rd Best Foodie City and 2nd Best Shopping Destinations in the USA.

In 2018, A.T. Kearney named Chicago the 8th most Influential City in the World.

*In 2017, Bon Appetit named Chicago The BEST Restaurant City of the Year

In 2018, Chicago had over 58 million visitors. (in 2016, New York had 62 million tourists)

*In 2017, $900 million in tourism-related tax revenues were injected into Chicago’s economy.

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