Dear Governor Rauner, A police officer’s life is no more valuable than the homeless guys down the street

Dear Governor Rauner, A police officer’s life is no more valuable than the homeless guys down the street

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner honors a Dixon police officer at a press conference.

Yesterday during ABC Channel 7 Governor’s debate, Governor Bruce Rauner once again announced his plan to bring back the death penalty for people who commit mass murder and/or kill law enforcement officers. Now to be fair, let me start by saying I am against the death penalty, but I can understand a family who lost their love one wanting his or her murderer to receive the death penalty. I can also understand Governor Rauner wanting those who commit mass murder to receive the death penalty even though I believe a life with hard labor would be the better option. However, I cannot understand his proposal to give those who kill law enforcement officers the death penalty. Governor Rauner proposal is basically putting a value on a life. He is basically saying killing a law enforcement officer is worse than killing a homeless guy on the street or your next door neighbor or even worse your love one who never put on a law enforcement uniform.

People like Governor Rauner is what is wrong with America. People like him is the reason why so many police officers are getting away with killing unarmed black men. Too many people are putting so much value into what a police officer does for a living to a point where they are willing to believe a police officer can kill if they believe their life is in danger; it does not matter if there were no threat just as long as the police officer believed it was a threat or can get the jury to believe he or she thought their life was in danger. No one else outside of Florida can shoot and kill someone who is not a threat to them and not go to prison, except a police officer who kills an unarmed black man.

Governor Rauner proposing the death penalty for murderers who kill law enforcement officers and not for someone who commits murder is wrong. Someone needs to tell Governor Rauner that a law enforcement officer’s life has no more value than anybody else’s life. I can’t imagine Governor Rauner supporting someone getting the death penalty for killing a law enforcement officer, but not supporting a racist getting the death penalty for killing multiple church members in a black church. How about the death penalty for those who kidnap, rape and murder kids? Governor Rauner must stop his ploy to get votes from law enforcement officers and stop putting extra value on law enforcement lives.

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