Kanye what did President Trump improve in Chicago?

Kanye… What did President Trump improve in Chicago?

President Trump standing with Kanye West in December of 2016 at Trump Tower in New York.

Kanye West this week tweeted out his support for President Donald Trump. Kanye even went as far as posting a picture of a signed “Make America Great Again” hat. Then to make matters worse, Kanye criticized former President Barack Obama in a tweet by saying “Obama was in office eight years and nothing changed in Chicago”. Well Mr. West according to NBC news, the black unemployment rate fell from 16.8 percent to 7.8 percent under President Obama. Under President Trump the black unemployment rate fell from 7.8 percent to the current 6.9 percent. So President Trump constant bragging about black unemployment being the lowest ever was true when the rate had dropped to 6.8 percent a month or so ago. The problem comes when President Trump misleads uninformed people like you with his statements. The truth is black unemployment dropped nearly 10 percent under President Obama. Under President Trump black unemployment has dropped less than 1 percent but you praise President Trump.

As far as the crime in Chicago, well improving crime in the city and all over the country starts with jobs. When President Obama came into office, Chicago and the rest of the country was in a recession. President Obama policies brought the economy back and helped many unemployed Chicagoans get jobs. President Obama policies also led to the city getting a $1.1 billion grant to improve the Red Line to help those Chicagoans get to their job. So Kanye’s done nothing for Chicago tweet is a joke! I could go on and on about the grants like the $400,000 federal grant President Trump took away from a Chicago group to stop white extremist groups, but I won’t. Instead I will ask what has Trump done for Chicago? The answer is nothing despite President Trump claiming to be worth over $10 billion. Also, what programs and charities have he donated to in Chicago? What grants have he given to in Chicago? Maybe, Kanye’s next tweet to President Trump should ask why he won’t take some of his billions and put up reward money to help solve murders in Chicago. If President Trump wants to help Chicago, he and Melania can start by visiting the south side of Chicago like former President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

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