How to stop school shootings and why arming teachers won’t work

How to stop School shootings and why arming Teachers won’t work

Students protest for gun control outside of the White House.

I grew up on the dangerous south side of Chicago where shootings and killings was the norm. I unfortunately know dozens of people who were brutally murdered. My elementary school metal doors had dozens of bullet holes all over them. My high school was featured in a documentary by This American Life because of the 23 students who were killed in one school year. The violence was so bad around the school to the point where First Lady Michelle Obama visited the school then later invited twenty six students from the school to the White House. In one news article, the Principal of the high school I attended said the school had over 1,500 fights in one school year. Even with everything I just said, I can honestly tell you that a shooting inside the school was something I never feared because every student who entered the school was required to walk through a metal detector, get a full pat down, and have their backpack search which prevented shootings from happening inside the school. I know there’s been a lot of talk about stopping the school shootings going on in America but I believe a lot of knowledge could be gained by listening to someone who grew up in a dangerous community and have seen what works and what needs to be improved. So here is my solution:

  1. Arming teachers won’t stop school shootings. Many of these shooters are wearing bullet proof vests, bulletproof neck protectors, and head gear. If arming teachers was the answer, I am sure my high school and other Chicago Public Schools would’ve done so decades ago. The goal should be preventing a shooting; not having teachers to stop a shooter after a shooting. Also, arming teachers might stop some shootings inside schools but the shooters will just wait until the school ends and kill the students in bunches as they leave school.
  2. The better solution would be searching everyone who enters the school and having police patrol before and after school.
  3. Congress must get rid of military style guns to give these kids a chance. Shooters who wants to kill will adjust. These shooters will wait until the school ends and shoot students as they walk home or wait on the bus stop. Getting rid of military style weapons would greatly reduce the threat to the students outside of school by reducing the power of the gun and forcing the shooter to reload.

     4.  Congress must make it harder to buy guns online, on the streets, and at gun shows. We must make sure no one under 21 or with a mental illness is able to buy a gun.

  1. All schools must have at least three armed off duty or retired police officers or three armed security guards working at the school.
  2.  Congress must make sure no one is able to purchase a bulletproof vest or a bulletproof anything unless they are working a job that requires those items.

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