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Prevent Shoulder Injuries

It is important to take care of your joints.  Shoulder and scapular strength & stability can be done with so many clever exercises.  The walk-out is a common warm-up activation exercise that engages the core and works the upper back and shoulder area.  In other words, it will help to strength the entire shoulder joint,... Read more »

Things I'm not clinically qualified to actually do, but do anyway.

Things I'm not clinically qualified to actually do, but do anyway.
I am not a purposefully defiant person.  I have no issues with authority or even following the rules.  In fact, I’ve been accused of being ‘ square’.  But I have an independent spirit that takes liberties with many things once I feel like ‘I got it!‘  It occurred to me as I was ‘bleeding-out’ a... Read more »

What does it mean to do CORE WORK?

What does it mean to do CORE WORK?
The core is simply the mid section of your body or the muscles that comprise the torso and their corresponding ligaments and tendons.  It is in this section that all sport and functional movement originates.  It is how you have control over your center of gravity which has a direct impact on balance.  It is because of this responsibility that core exercises are critical for a healthy body.  Do not misunderstand mean, core exercises are like vegetables.  They will have a significantly positive impact on your overall health, but many people somehow  live a long healthy life without them...

Exercise of the Week: Knee Tucks on Pulley Straps

Position Two
Core, core, blah, blah.  Everyone is talking about how their core is worked.  I don’t mean to be sassy about it.  But the truth is, if you are properly doing any athletic movement, your core/abdominal area should be involved.  There really isn’t a sports movements that eliminates the muscles in your abdominal area or lower... Read more »

Low-Fat Vegan Cole Slaw

As I mentioned I am on vacation with family and friends in Wisconsin.  By the way, the best time I have had in Wisoconsin in years.  The weather has been perfect and the kids have been magnificent. The friends Steve and Yvette come every year -2-3 times to vacation with us.  They have grandids the... Read more »