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Want to burn 700 calories? Jump Rope

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I love jumping rope. I teach everyone I train how to and force them to practice.  It is comparable to running as a cardiovascular workout, but more fun!  One of my instructors teaching a 45 minute weight and jump rope class burned over 700 calories in her class (according to her heart rate monitor).  This  37 years old female instructor teaches this class in an interval format. Each rope round is 2 minutes in length.  There are several places throughout the city of Chicago that use jump ropes in their workouts.  My question: Are you adding it to your routine...

Jump Rope Training for February’s Heart Healthy Month

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I started my training career at the East Bank Club in 1994.  I was lucky in many ways when I began teaching and doing privates there – the fitness market was wide open for new ideas.  One of my favorite classes to teach at EBC was Cardio Rope Interval Training.  This interval class super-setted jump... Read more »