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Improve Your Kid's Running Skills

Improve Your Kid's Running Skills
Tips to Improve Your Kid’s Running Skills Most sports require the need to change directions.  When training this specific skill, you will discover you are working all the muscles in your legs and in your feet.  When developing this skill in children the intensity should be fairly moderate.  The goal for young children, ages 5... Read more »

Wish You Could Jump Higher?

If you have ever watched White Men Can’t Jump, you probably can sympathize with a person who simply can’t get any air.   But if you are determined to improve your vertical, I have a great toy for you to try.    It is the portable power jumper ($49.99) by Lifeline.   It is different than other weight... Read more »

I Think Football, Hockey is More Dangerous for Kids Than Boxing

How do you feel about boxing for kids?  I am a fan of the sport and feel that it is an excellent choice for kids who do not blend well in the team play dynamic.  Sports like the martial arts, golf and tennis offer kids an amazing athletic experience and team-training environment without the pressure... Read more »