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Great Home Dumbbell Exercises, Do This, NOT That!

Tricep Overhead Press - If you are standing during this exercise keep a soft bend in your knees.  This exercise is challenging if you have limited shoulder joint flexibility.  The goal is to keep your posture lifted and your arms parallel to each other (so the elbows point over head) and framed along the side of your head.  A common mistake is the angle of the head and arms break the posture all together and the movement become very limited and unproductive.  One trick to help accomplish this is to look up when doing this exercise and press your palms up to the ceiling.
Being stuck at home for a workout is a good thing. The simplest workouts are most often the best!  In fact, a couple sets of dumbbells is really all you need to create a total body strength training program.  Granted, I personally add a jump rope and abs to the mix, but I will take... Read more »

Handstands will empower you!

Handstands will empower you!
Handstands are like push ups. They are the ultimate total body exercise.  They recruit so many muscles in the lower and upper body and require balance.  The need to balance is what offers the body a very special challenge.  I think handstands should be on every woman’s top ten exercise list.  It will empower you. ... Read more »

Perfect outdoor leg workout routine

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There are so many great  leg strengthening exercises.  I think this leg series targets all areas of the leg.  You will notice that I do not use weight.  It relies on my body weight.  Although I blow through the three exercises, I essentially do 3 versions of a single leg squat: facing forward, side and... Read more »

10 Best Tips to Improve Life: Better Body, Better Health

I am happy to be back in the groove of writing my blog again.  I took a needed break from writing not because of the holidays; but due to the construction at my business and since every little illness known to the pre-school community hit my household for the whole month of December. This list... Read more »

5 Best Breakfast Sandwichs, They save me when my kids steal my breakfast.

Einstein’s Bros Bagels Breakfast Bagel Thins – I like their new one which is under 400 calories too.  It is egg white, swiss, asparagus and mushrooms.  I am not a bacon fan, but it is nice to have options.Wheat Bagel Thin
Calories -- 380
Total Fat -- 25 grams 
Dietary Fiber -- 07 grams
Sugar -- 05 grams
Protein -- 09 grams
Carbs -- 30 grams
I am a firm believer that you must have breakfast before leaving the house.  I would never let my kids out of the house without something in their stomach.  But truthfully, about 1-2 times a week, I cannot get my breakfast made.  It comes down to them or me.  If you are a parent, you... Read more »

Exercise of the Week: Basic Lunges, Avoiding Knee Injuries

I promised a couple weeks ago that I would feature the proper form for lunges.  I named lunges as one of my top 5 favorite exercises for tightening and toning the butt.  So if you are still working on getting a shapely bottom for summer-time, there is still time. The routine I wrote  2 weeks... Read more »

Avoid Gaining Weight While Traveling

Yoga is a great form of exercise that works perfectly in the small space of a hotel room.
There are so many things that seem to conspire against our fitness goals when we travel. The combination of unfamiliar places, lack of dining choices and extra time needed at the airport add up when trying to avoid putting on a few extra pounds let alone losing weight.  Whether you travel for your work or... Read more »

Chicago Company Builds Lightweight Roof Deck Gardens: Grow Your Own Food On Top Of Your Townhome

Have you ever considered growing your own vegetables, but you do not have a yard?    Rooftop Green Works is a Chicago company that constructs and maintains roof gardens.  If you have a townhome or a condo with a roof deck, you can have the fresh tomato and basil salad you dream of.  Rooftop Green... Read more »

Macrobiotic Diet: The Yin and Yang of Eating

The macrobiotic diet was developed by George Ohsawa.  His concept of eating integrates theories from Buddhism with a conventional vegetarian lifestyle.  When you translate what “macrobiotic” from its Greeks roots it means “longlife,” so it is hard to imagine that you would not want to follow its protocol.  Ohsawa, a Japanese educator designed his diet... Read more »

Dominicks Community Shopping A Success

I hosted two shopping sessions this month as a way to kick off a 6 week ‘diet.’  It took place on a Sunday morning and Wednesday evening at Dominicks located at Halsted and Washington  The goal of the diet and workshop was to: 1. Change about 50% of the foods you normally purchase.  If we... Read more »