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Perfect outdoor leg workout routine

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There are so many great  leg strengthening exercises.  I think this leg series targets all areas of the leg.  You will notice that I do not use weight.  It relies on my body weight.  Although I blow through the three exercises, I essentially do 3 versions of a single leg squat: facing forward, side and... Read more »

Exercise of the Week: Basic Lunges, Avoiding Knee Injuries

I promised a couple weeks ago that I would feature the proper form for lunges.  I named lunges as one of my top 5 favorite exercises for tightening and toning the butt.  So if you are still working on getting a shapely bottom for summer-time, there is still time. The routine I wrote  2 weeks... Read more »

Avoid Gaining Weight While Traveling

Yoga is a great form of exercise that works perfectly in the small space of a hotel room.
There are so many things that seem to conspire against our fitness goals when we travel. The combination of unfamiliar places, lack of dining choices and extra time needed at the airport add up when trying to avoid putting on a few extra pounds let alone losing weight.  Whether you travel for your work or... Read more »