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Most Popular Exercises in U.S., Do THIS, NOT THAT!

Keep your neck long and shoulders down.  Another way to think of it is lowering or depressing the shoulders into your back.
It used to be that just the boutique gyms had all the trendy toys.  In fact, many small gyms built their training platform around tools categorized today as ‘function fitness.’  But tires, ropes and medicine balls are all conventional tools for weight loss.  Now that these fitness tools are part of the HIIT (high intensity... Read more »

Is it worth it to know your body fat?

Is it worth it to know your body fat?
I think it is worth it to know your body fat. Although it is scary to ever be placed in a category  (i.e. healthy, fat, obese etc..), it is important to have data to reference as you grow older and significant events happen in your life. Although most people who lose weight, and are successful... Read more »