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Is carrot juice good for you?

Is carrot juice good for you?
We have been told that carrots are good for our eyes, hair, skin and nails.    We have been told that carrots are good for cleansing the liver.  All of these things are true , however fresh juice in general gives the body the wrong type of calories and has drastic effects on blood sugar. ... Read more »

5 Healthier Food Choices at Taste of Chicago

Watch out if you eat too much rice to offset the heat.  But be prepared with something to drink.
There is really no reason to leave Chicago in the summer time.  We have so many fantastic events, concerts, street fairs and festivals.  I look forward to it each year.  Lately I have heard from friends that they are avoiding the Taste because they just eat too poorly and the food isn’t worth the calories.... Read more »

Want a Nice A**? Kick'in Glutes Can Be Yours: Exercises of the Week

With control extend the leg out ot he side.  Keep the foot flexed and think of pressing your heel into a target.  If you focus on the flex of the foot while extending the leg your will get more glut action.
So with the summer ahead and everyone starting to look at cute swim suits and shorts that hug our butt like your best pair of jeans, you might be wondering how you can tighten up the rump.  The truth is,  if I were standed on a desert island and needed to stay firm, strong, athletic,... Read more »

Brussel Sprouts a New Way - High Protein Veggie Worth The Effort

I am not sure why I never gave Brussels Sprouts a chance when I was a kid.  They carry about 10 calories each, which is actually higher than I thought considering I just ate about 20 of them.  But setting caloric intake aside for this evening, they are so darn healthy.  I have been craving... Read more »

Macrobiotic Diet: The Yin and Yang of Eating

The macrobiotic diet was developed by George Ohsawa.  His concept of eating integrates theories from Buddhism with a conventional vegetarian lifestyle.  When you translate what “macrobiotic” from its Greeks roots it means “longlife,” so it is hard to imagine that you would not want to follow its protocol.  Ohsawa, a Japanese educator designed his diet... Read more »

March is National Nutrition Month: Survey Yourself Before Making Changes

I kicked off this month with my clients and members featuring a nutrition plan that focused on changing 50 % of the foods they purchased.  This may seem like a lot to ask, but the truth is we all buy about 20 of the same foods each week or 80% of the same groceries.  So... Read more »

Dominicks Community Shopping A Success

I hosted two shopping sessions this month as a way to kick off a 6 week ‘diet.’  It took place on a Sunday morning and Wednesday evening at Dominicks located at Halsted and Washington  The goal of the diet and workshop was to: 1. Change about 50% of the foods you normally purchase.  If we... Read more »

Need Help Cutting Some Calories?

POW! and iFit Fitness are hosting a healthy grocery shopping workshop this evening, Wednesday, March 9th at 7:30pm.  It will be held at Dominicks in the West Loop (Halsted & Washington).  Owners of both businesses will give you an aisle to aisle breakdown of foods that can be replaced with healthier options.  Portion control will... Read more »

Do You Want to Learn to Grocery Shop

POW! (located in the West Loop) and iFit Fitness (located in the Merchandise Mart) are hosting a community grocery shopping event at Dominicks (located on Washington & Halsted).  The event will be on Wednesday, March 9th at 7:30pm.  The event is being lead by the Owners of the both facilities.  The event will teach you... Read more »

10 Tips to Help with Improving Your Nutrition

There are so many books on nutrition and so much information on how to eat well.  Hopefully these 10 tips will help sort out the best information out there and direct you towards books that focus on the type of information you truly seek about healthy eating. But there is one fact that you can... Read more »