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Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

I have several customers that have started their year with a motivating fitness regiment and great eating program.  Some of them have chosen to follow the Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse.  The program helps them re-structure their diets overall and  ‘reset’ their metabolism (so-to-speak).  With only a couple weeks into their program, they are already thinking about... Read more »

5 Ways to Make a Healthier Thanksgiving Stuffing

5 Ways to Make a Healthier Thanksgiving Stuffing
What is your favorite part of stuffing?  It is the flavor, the texture or the crunch?  Perhaps it is all three of these characteristics.  Most stuffings are fattening because of the butter, the bread and the meat.  Now I would never suggest to get rid of all these things.  But you can swap out or lessen the amount of these ingredients...

Cherry BBQ Salmon

I rubbed shallots on the fish alng with celery salt.
I am always looking for the best marinades to have on deck.  I have my sweet Italian, my Japanese, a Cuban lime and now the best cherry bbq sauce.  I was gifted this amazing bbq sauce from friends who visit Door County.  At first I was concerned because I had not tried a cherry bbq... Read more »

Do you know what a nopal- prickly pear is and how to eat it?

Do you know what a nopal- prickly pear is and how to eat it?
This brillantly colorful cactus fruit is trendy in the culinary world. But as famous Chefs like Rick Bayless, Owner of Frontera Grill and Roxanne Klein and Charlie Trotters, Owner of Charlie Trotters utlize it in savory recipes, this little Mexican fruit will find its way into your kitchen soon. Nopal is actually the Spanish word for... Read more »

Do you cook with grape seed oil? You should.

Do you cook with grape seed oil?  You should.
Grape seed oil has many healthy benefits.  It is a simple and tasty substitute for vegetable oils, butter or canola.  It is low in saturated fat, yet high in poly-saturated fat like omega 6.   It is also high in linoleic acid, which is not manufactured by the body.  Since this important acid must be ingested,... Read more »

The White Rice Era is Over: Meet Farro, a Perfect Grain

I buy this big bag at Costco.  They carried over the last two summers.  I missed it so much last winter that I ordered it online through amazon.  It was so expensive compared to Costco's bag.  I bought it as Christmas gifts.
There seems to be a grain movement happening in America.  The white rice era is gone, thank god!  Even Chinese restaurants like Dragonfly (on Randolph) are offering brown rice instead of white.  Chicago also has several sushi restaurants playing to the health-minded customer by offering brown and black rice as an option.  One of the most... Read more »

Best Low Fat Quiche

I love quiche for so many reasons. It tastes good cold and warm.  It is also delicious for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But quiche is so high in saturated fat and calories that I use to have a hard time justifying making them on a regular basis. Most recipes for making quiche require about: ½... Read more »

Best & Healthiest Holiday Party Appetizer

I mixed these two together.  Only about 3 spoons of pesto sauce.
Have you been going to a lot of holiday parties?  If you are going to parties at friends’ and families’ homes, it is probably potluck.  If you are looking for healthy, yummy and easy options, try these stuffed sweet peppers.  The best part of this recipe is that it is also cheap. I bought these... Read more »