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10 Holiday Gifts for the CrossFitter

Athlete's Pak from ISAGENIX, $258
Crossfitters have become a sub-culture within the fitness industry.  Although they are not the first or only group to follow a constantly varied, functional, high-intensity workout regiment, they have popularized and even globalized this style of workout.  CrossFit as a modality of training appeals to a wide group of people who now make up a... Read more »

Best Exercises for a Firmer Butt

Best Exercises for a Firmer Butt
No bones about it! The 7 best exercises for a round rump. There are many ways to improve the shape of your derriere.  If your rump is not toned like you wish, do not forget, it is just a group of muscles.  They actually happen to be the largest and most powerful muscle group.  The... Read more »

Prevent Shoulder Injuries

It is important to take care of your joints.  Shoulder and scapular strength & stability can be done with so many clever exercises.  The walk-out is a common warm-up activation exercise that engages the core and works the upper back and shoulder area.  In other words, it will help to strength the entire shoulder joint,... Read more »

Most Popular Exercises in U.S., Do THIS, NOT THAT!

Keep your neck long and shoulders down.  Another way to think of it is lowering or depressing the shoulders into your back.
It used to be that just the boutique gyms had all the trendy toys.  In fact, many small gyms built their training platform around tools categorized today as ‘function fitness.’  But tires, ropes and medicine balls are all conventional tools for weight loss.  Now that these fitness tools are part of the HIIT (high intensity... Read more »

Fitness Gifts: Buy this, NOT that!

Fitness Gifts: Buy this, NOT that!
Most likely someone on your Christmas list is a health conscious person who does workout or is ready to begin making changes.  Finding a great gift that suits their lifestyle is a considerate way to spend money.  So let’s try to give you a guide that will help you avoid wasting your money.  This list... Read more »

Can you do abs everyday?

There is a difference of opinion in the fitness industry on this topic.  Many believe, like myself, that the abdominals should be treated like every other muscle group in the body.  In doing so, you would provide it with at least a 24 hour rest period in-between workouts.  Like your chest or legs, it is... Read more »

5 Best Fitness Gadgets

1.	Iron Gym Pull Up Bar ($30, this is the best $30 my husband has ever spent on fitness equipment.  Despite owning a gym, he is a sucker for gadgets.  This pull up bar works fantastic.  It does not ruin my doorframe and had held up for a couple years now considering it gets used 2-3 times a week.

Want more muscle? 6 protein supplements you need to know about.

Want more muscle? 6 protein supplements you need to know about.
Here is the simplest breakdown of all the different types of protein and what they do for the body!  You need to get protein from somewhere.  If you are trying to gain muscle you may need to rely on a supplemental protein source.  Certainly you can get enough protein from food, but if you do... Read more »

Harder Abs = Harder Planks

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I will admit that planks in general are really in style for trainers.  The truth is they are a really perfect exercise.  When you add dumbbells, movement, explosive actions they evolve to perfect-plus (+).  Also trendy in fitness is, ‘working the core.’  Not only doing lots of ‘core’ training, but also saying the word ‘core.’  I feel self-conscious sometimes saying – ‘do you feel your core when you do this?’ Almost like I did in the 90s asking clients if they feel the burn...

Hard Abs: Advanced Core Exercises on a Pulley Strap

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Whenever you train your core, other muscle groups get dragged into the exercise.  I love the options that pulley training provides because it rarely  isolates one muscle group.  Pulley exercises often train the entire body. Most regular exercisers are familiar with TRX straps.  In which case, you know that you can get a total body... Read more »