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Have kid's birthday parties gotten out of hand? Here are some tips.

Have kid's birthday parties gotten out of hand?  Here are some tips.
Kids’ birthday parties are very mentally-consuming for moms.  Most moms hope they plant a seed-o-fun and it grows into an unforgettable memory.   As a mother of three and Owner of POW! Kids, I think  kid’s birthday parties have gotten out of hand.  I sympathize with the moms that call my kid’s business with a... Read more »

My Kid’s Jedi Training Birthday Party: Will George Lucas come after me?

The masks really added a great touch.  The girls loved them!
We all know that George Lucas protects the STAR WARS franchise like a mamma bear with its cubs.  His efforts are justified. But I found myself worried about violating the trademark issues when I was creating a Jedi Training STAR WARS theme party for my 5 year old.  First of all, I wanted his STAR WARS themed birthday to be active.  I didn’t want to rent a place for an open play and just buy STAR WARS plates and call it a day.  Not to mention, I didn’t want to spend more than a $200.   My son and I wanted the kids to really role-play and participate in a training session that makes them feel powerful, agile and of course exhausted at the end.  So I did my party at my business POW! Kids in the West Loop. Although we offer a lot of cool things for kids, we had never done a STAR WARS thing...