5 Best Gifts for an Athlete, Cross Fitter or Fitness Enthusiast

5 Best Gifts for an Athlete, Cross Fitter or Fitness Enthusiast

It can be challenging to pinpoint the perfect gift for an athlete, cross fitter or fitness enthusiast.  This population gets exposed to many of the newest fitness products and they spend most of their time in workout clothes. I would never dismiss the value of giving great training clothes, like sexy leggings, the best fitting shorts or even a new pair of gym shoes with custom colors; but it feels great when you give a gift that completely surprises someone. Here are 5 gifts that are cutting edge and not likely to be found in a store. Each one of these suggestions is thoughtful and hopefully suits the training habits and lifestyle of your hard-core mover.


VKTRY Performance Insoles, $199

This product is amazing! This high-tech insole is perfect for any athlete who trains on land. Studies have shown they will help you run faster and jump higher.  These insoles deliver improved performance and help with preventing injuries. They are made from’ ultra-light, aerospace-grade carbon fiber.’ They are made in 5 flexibility levels and customized for an athlete’s foot. It was originally developed for the US Olympic Bobsled Team to help them generate a more explosive start. They are made in America. VKTRY has tested these insoles on 34 elite athletes from 105 to 230 pounds. 94% of them improved their 40-yard dash (average .12 faster), agility test (average .17 seconds faster) and broad jump test (average 4 inches increase).  There is a process to getting these insoles made. Follow the directions online or reach out to them directly for assistance.

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Hyperice VG1, $199

This is the Cadillac of foam rollers.  At first, you think there is no way I need a $200 foam roller, until you use it.  This cutting edge recovery device uses vibration to stimulate circulation and release muscle tightness and stress.  It offers three speed settings and is rechargeable.  I have a VG1 at my gym and my staff  uses it constantly,  they are addicted to this foam roller.   The battery lasts two-hours.  Also, available online and on amazon.

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Hydro-Roller, $39.99

SKLZ, a performance and agility equipment company released a clever water bottle that is covered in high-density foam.  The combination of a foam roller-water bottle is genius.  This canteen for the fitness-enthusiast or athlete holds 28 oz of fluid.  It is a stainless steel bottle that doesn’t dent.  It is perfect for the stocking.

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Tourma Tape, $29.99

This tourmaline infused kines tape contains nanometer sized tourmaline particles. The benefit of this integration between mineral and fabric tape is to accelerate healing. Tourmaline has been shown to convert body heat into therapeutic far-infared energy. They also produce negative ions that enhance a more alkaline environment for the body. This is valuable since many people have a more acidic body; becoming more pH balanced helps with managing oxidative stress.   Fir Industries, Inc, the creator of this product also sells a blanket and dog bed that is made from their patent-pending tourmaline bonded fabrics.


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Dynamic Variable Resistance Training, $80

This functional fitness-training tool offers a weighted bag that challenges the body’s ability to stabilize. This product is different than other sandbags because it can be filled with water. The fitness and sports industry has been using various types of sand bag for decades. This is a great gift for someone who even works out at home. This will provide a 3-dimensional training modality to anyone looking to change up their routine. The workout goal with this product is to apply it to a movement progression. If you are have been squatting 10 reps for 3 sets with dumbbells, add the DVRT for this simple progression: 10 walking squats, with upper body rotation holding the DVRT. This basic progression will enhance your workout and create a metabolic challenge for your body. You can purchase the bag in different sizes, allowing you to fill it with water up to 20 or 40lbs. Their website offers several workout videos and tutorials on how to make this an uber challenging workout for all levels.

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