Advanced Speed Training Techniques - Faster is Better!

Advanced Speed Training Techniques - Faster is Better!
faster is better.

Speed training is the most popular form of training for the youth athletic market.   No matter what sport your child loves, they need to continue to become faster and stronger.   If you want to improve your child’s overall performance in their sport, you need to place value on their athletic development, not just playing more games. I often refer to this as enhancing your child’s “athletic IQ.”

I have written several stories on speed training drills (example 1 and example 2) that consider the younger elementary aged athlete (7-10 years old) or novice. This story is meant to take some of the training foundation seen in many of the best speed programs, like the Parisi Speed School and offer progressions. This one is ideal for kids with a strong athletic foundation, good movement mechanics and in the older elementary age group. This active dynamic warm up is characteristic of the Parisi Speed School system. Their 90+ speed schools worldwide have positively impacted over 650,000 kids. Their results-driven methodology has garnered the attention of Zybex Sports, the NFL and NCSA (National Collegiate Scouting Association).

4 things you need to know about speed training

  1. Speed is a skill.
  2. Faster is better.
  3. Speed and strength training will mitigate injuries for your child.
  4. Speed and strength training will have a positive psychological effect on your child.

This weekend is the National Parisi Speed School Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over 45 speed schools were represented at this event. One training topic offered as part of this weekend’s speed school summit were advanced training techniques in sports performance and speed training. The video below is one sample of a evolved active dynamic warm up that features advanced training drills for speed training using the VertiMax.. This one sequence is well organized and considers proper activation of the entire body before transitioning into more challenging speed work or even a sport specific workouts.

Who uses the VertiMax?

Currently 50% of the NFL, 40% of the NBA and 30% of the MBL and over 75% of Division 1 colleges/universities use the VertiMax. as a training tool to enhance sports performance.  If that doesn’t impress you, Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin went to Rio with the VertiMax to help keep their speed skills sharp.

What does the VertiMax Accomplish?

This short program is intended to set an athlete up to run a high volume of yardage, regardless of the footwork patterns while mitigating injuries and increasing their overall work capacity without negatively loading your athlete. Also, unique to the VertiMax and this particular advanced training program, is that it allows our athletes to train at a velocity most similar to actual game play.

Coach Justin Albertson is featured in this video. He is an amazing coach out of the Parisi Speed School in Kingston, New York.  The training session is led by Michael Wehrell, the founder of VertiMax.

This video was made for educational purposes.

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