10 Tips for Kettlebell Training & 5 Great Exercises

Kettlebell training is as common as jumping rope today.  They have been around for ages, originating from Russia, but in the past 10 years they have earned a spot in most gyms right next to the dumbbell weight rack.  Although kettlebells are still referred to as a trend, I consider them a staple. All trainers today should have acquired some kettlebell education and although they do not need to be incorporated into every work, they should make an appearance on a regular basis.

Kettlebells are mostly made of cast iron.  These cannonball-shaped weights now come in a few different designs.  They are available at Target with a rubber coating appealing to the new exerciser and then there are the purists who use a steel competition kettlebell with advanced gravity die cast technology and regulation 33mm handle.

10 Tips to Successful Kettlebell Training

  1. You must learn the proper technique and form.
  2. Insert a few practice reps before beginning your set.
  3. Active men should start with  35 to 45 pounds. Active women should begin with 18 to 26 pounds
  4. Make sure you understand the critical involvement of the hips when learning the kettlebell fundamentals
  5. Maintain perfect posture, avoid slouching and bending forward.
  6. Your core must be tight!  Make sure you understand how to engage your core.
  7. Make sure you are controlling the return of the kettlebell.
  8. Be aware of your wrist alignment.
  9. Once your form is solid, make sure to make your movements explosive.  Kettlebells offer an amazing training opportunity to build power.
  10. I suggest using the following movements to help warm up before a kettlebell workout: squats, lunges, single leg lifts, planks, shoulder extensions, seal jacks, side leg lifts, inner thigh leg lifts, pelvic bridges.

5 Great Kettlebell Exercises


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