Best of the Chicago Toy & Game Show

The Chicago Toy and Game Fair (ChiTAG) is like visiting Santa’s workshop.  I spent part of my day playing with my 5 year old son and a ton of toys.  Sunday, November 22nd is the last day of the Chicago Toy and Game Fair at Navy Pier.  It features some of the coolest games and toys in the marketplace.  You will also have a chance to see toys that are scheduled for release during the 2016 holiday season.

The best part of this event is that it is NOT window shopping.  You and your kids will have a chance to play with all the toys and even purchase them on the spot.  The hardest part of the ChiTAG is if you are attempting to purchase Christmas gifts with your kids present – it is impossible.  So settle on the fact , that you are buying them an early Christmas gift – call it a THANKSGIVING  PRIZE!

Here are my 5 Favorite Toys from the 2015 Chicago Toy and Game Fair.  Video of these toys are below.

Qixels- These little cubes join together with water.  This is a great gift because the price point starts at $9.99.  They make a wonderful stocking stuffer.  I love how my 5 year old can follow and build the pattern given , it teaches him focus.

Rocket Fishing Rod -  At first , I thought this was an odd toy- But once I saw my son play with it - I totally got why it is fun.  This fishing-pole style rocket shoots a bobber-shaped lure out of it (i.e. ammo). The challenge is to shoot it at a target.  Without providing a bucket, mini pool or tire it is a little boring after a few tries.  So make sure you are prepared to find a target for your little ones.  The ammo is attached to a fishing line so the kids reel it back in.

Slap! - There were so many things I wanted to buy at the ChiTAG - but I showed restraint.  However, I did walk out of the show with this super fun game.  I knew it was perfect for my  cozy Saturday night with the kids.  We played it tonight and it was a blast.  I had to embellish some questions so it was fair for my 5 years and the other kids.

OgoDisk - This toy is based on a simple premise.  Keep the ball off the ground. The disk has a nylon-spandex membrane center allowing an Ogosoft ball to be bounced to yourself or to another player.  This game is a completely active play.  I plan on adding this to my kid's programming.

Razor Jr Lil Crazy - This riding toys offers a 360 degree driving experience.  It is foot-pedaled activated which is powered by an electric hub.  My 5 years old had a blast on this toy.  It is a toy that I am considering for my POW! Kids program- I love the idea of littles racing down a track and around cones.  I found the little car safe and thought it drove very well.

Here is another great blog that gives you 12 reasons to go to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair at Navy Pier.

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