Shark Tank Fitness Products

Shark Tank Fitness Products

1.  Titin Force, Creator: Patrick Whaley 

Shark: Daymond John, $500,000 for 20%

Titin Force is compression gear that is weighted.  But it is not like a normal weighted vest or back pack.  The shirt is 8 pounds and the shorts are 5 pounds.  Unlike, weighted vests, the Titin Force can be worn under training clothes because it is far more comfortable than the various backpack systems.  The compression shirt has gel inserts that are removable.  The coolest is part is that they can be heated or cooled and placed into the compression outfit and used as a recovery aid.  Creator Whaley was even successful in getting Titin Force featured in the movie The Expendables III.  I believe the acceptance of the product is coming in part from the validation it is receiving from the Crossfit Community and their star athletes like Rich Froning, and Tommy Hackenbruck.  It is even being sold by Rogue Fitness now, a cost of $250.

2.  Hydromax, Creator:  Chris Spencer / Shark: Jeff Foxworthy, $50,000 for 50%

The Hydromax is a one-size fits all 32-ounce bottle that attaches to a set of shoulder pads on a football uniform.  This hydration system attaches with velcro under a player’s equipment and can be kept on for the full duration of a game.  It can be re-filled without removing.  The product is well-designed and has great intentions.  I find it has tremendous merit and can be used to prevent dehydration, particularly for players who play the most minutes and even for long practices.  If your kid plays football it is worth spending $49.

3.  Gobie H2O, Creator:  Rusty Allen / Shark: Daymond John $300,000 for 40%

At first, when you see a another ‘high-tech’ water bottle, you think – BORING!  But the Gobie H2O bottle is actually an innovative water bottle with a built-in filter system.   It is a BPA-free bottle that offers a diaphragm so you can squeeze the water through the filter.  It sells for $29.99 and the filters are $10.  It is similar to a Brita pitcher system.  The Gobie H2O bottle allows you to avoid purchasing water bottles all together, you simply just refill at the sink or water fountain.   One filter works for 100 gallons, which makes this water bottle system worth the money.

4.  Pro NRG, Creator: Tania Patruno / Shark: Daymond John,  $250,000 for 30%

This protein-flavored water is another ‘high-tech’ performance drink.  This beverage offers about 15 grams of protein and only 60 calories.  Pro-NRG comes in 5 flavors and is even carried by Walgreens.  One of endorsers is  Two-Time Super Bowl Champion, Brandon Jacobs who played for the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers.    But the creator Patruno had 3000 stores in New York carrying the $3.99 product before they arrived on Shark Tank.

5.  Surfset Fitness, Creators: Mike Hartwick and Sarah Ponn / Shark: Mark Cuban $300,000 for 30% 

This surf-like board is built on a platform and can be placed on any floor surface.   The device is intended to re-create some of the physical demands of surfing.  The board claims to be different than other balance trainer.  Which I agree – it is in the shape of a surfboard afterall.   But that is the point with all balance trainers.  Nonetheless, the shape is what creates the unique training dynamic.  Although it is very sport-specific, it does offer a lot of cross-training value.  The truth is you really do not need to know how to surf to participate in a Surfset Fitness workout routine.  The only limitation of the board is that you need be less than 6’3 and 400lb, which is hardly a shortcoming for a fitness product catered at the mainstream.  Other than the cost ($550) of a surfset board and size, it is a cool product.  I think the real appeal is going to a studio that offers classes and using it as cross-training workout.

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