Prevent Shoulder Injuries

It is important to take care of your joints.  Shoulder and scapular strength & stability can be done with so many clever exercises.  The walk-out is a common warm-up activation exercise that engages the core and works the upper back and shoulder area.  In other words, it will help to strength the entire shoulder joint, including muscles and connective tissue.  During the month of August, stability and strength training for the shoulder (which includes healthy scapular/shoulder blade movement) is the training goal at POW! MMA, Krav Maga & Fitness.  Although we still punch and kick our hearts out, I offer a monthly goal that helps to prevent injuries and promote healthy training habits.    I have two variations on the basic walk-out that is used in many training classes.  It is fun and a perfect exercise you can do at home. I have two versions below for you to view.

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