5 Sexy Outfits for the Female Golfer

The golf season easily extends into the fall.  In fact, it is easy to walk the green for the 18 holes in the cooler weather.  This summer has certainly given golfers optimal temperatures for playing.  Of all the sports I can play, I am least talented at golf.  But when I do play, I like to wear a great outfit.  It is one of those social events that takes up your entire day. It includes socializing and mixing business conversations, along with chit chat about hobbies and family.  Since it  extends from day into the early evening, it is only natural that women would want to wear an outfit that suits an occasion that lasts that many hours, with a couple meals and all day drinking.  Here are my 5 picks of must have outfits.

Dress One 

Dress Two

Dress Three

Dress Four

Dress Five

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