Taste of Randolph- 9 Course Meal for Father's Day only $66

Taste of Randolph- 9 Course Meal for Father's Day only $66
Publican's Andouille Sausage with Honey Mustard Slaw

The weekend has proven to be perfect for all the the festivals happening. But if you are planning on taking your father to one, I suggest Taste of Randolph.  Since most family celebrations are centered around food, The West Loop's 16th Taste of Randolph will offer your Pop the perfect 9 course meal.  The trick is to share each dish and take your time.

Here is my suggestion for your 2 hour desgustation to celebrate your dad.  This line up only costs $66 for both two people.

1.  Start with a Sangria, $6 - They are offering red and white.  The white is a little sweeter for me , but they are both marvelous.


2. Le Luce is offering a Calamari Salad, $7

Ingredients: Calamari, celery, onion, lemon, hot sauce and secret seasonings.  It is very light and does not take over your palate unless you put too much hot sauce.

photo 5

3.  Wishbone's Crawfish Etouffee as a 1/2 order, $6

Ingredients: If you love New Orleans food, this is a must have.  It is portioned perfectly and when you share it's flavor is enough to take you back to Bourbon Street. It comes with rice and has red and  yellow peppers.  Even Chef, Joel Nickson loves this dish.

photo 4

4. Vincenzo's Sorbert ( clear your palate), $4

photo 7

5.  Belly Q's , Korean Tacos (it comes with 2 ),$7

Ingredients:  These braised pork shoulder tacos are seasoned with napa cabbage cole slaw, cilantro, thai basil, red onion and topped with an avocado puree.

photo 9

7. Alhambra's Falafel Sandwich,$7

Ingredients: chick peas ground with onion , garlic, parsley and special spices deep fried in vegetable oil served over pitta bread with mixed tomato salad , tahieneh sauce, and pickles (served with red hot and white  tahieneh sauce).


8. Publican's, Andouille Sausage, $8

Ingredients: This Traditional Arcadia French dish is my absolute favorite of the fair. It is not heavy at all and if you ask they will cut it in half for you.  It is Berkshire pork and considered to be one of their best balanced sausages.  In fact, it is one of Chef Chris Miller's favorites as well.

photo 3


9.  Belly Q's, Vietnamese Coffee, $4 and The Great Grape, Dark Chocolate Covered Grapes, $7

photo 8 photo

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