Eating Healthy, Yet Indulging at Taste of Randolph

The 16th Taste of Randolph is always one of Chicago's coolest street fairs. Located on Randolph Street between Peoria and Ada Street in the iconic West Loop Gate neighborhood of Chicago.  What has been my neighborhood for 15 years was first envisioned in 1909 by the famous architect, Daniel Burnham.  Today, the West Loop is one of the fastest growing communities and known for an industrial elegance that offers an eclectic and creative mix of restaurants, galleries, food packing and small businesses.

I have had a booth at this fest for 15 years and each year I reflect back on the weekend as three days packed full of city-fun! FOOD, MUSIC, DRINKS, CONVERSATION & FRIENDS.   If you love all the layers that surround street food and festivities this event kicks off our Chicago Summer - as one of the best!

If you are going to do Taste of Randolph here are my 3 suggestions.  I prefer to experience it all without tilting the scale come Monday morning.  I have mastered striking a balance between the sangrias, beers, indulgences and nourishing dishes.  I tend to side with the protein dishes at street fairs because it is hard to eat chopped salads and really go totally clean and raw at a fair.  I also take into account that most items I buy I share with someone. Here are  my 3 picks for staying in my same weight classes and being well-fed, well-nourished and un-deprived!

Wishbone, Black Bean Burger, $6


Ingredients: black bean, lentils, barley, carrots, celery and so many special seasonings.  They will also be serving a cucumber salad.  The way in which this burger is seasoned makes you realize why Wishbone has been an anchor restaurant in the West Loop known for its wonderful flavors.  My twist in keeping this healthier is to drop the bun.

De Cero, Guacamole,$6


Ingredients: Avocado, spanish onion, tomato, raw garlic, cilantro, lime, salt.  Although it is high in unsaturated fat and comes with chips, we sharing this delicious snack the caloric impact is not too bad.  I think most agree that guacamole when shared is a great indulgence with some health benefits.

Publican Quality Meats, Andouille Sausage & Fresh Coleslaw, $8


Ingredients: Berkshire pork sausage (which is rare), smoked first and then grilled.  It is a well balance sausage that comes with a homemade light coleslaw that is dressed with honey mustard dressing.  It is very light for a sausage and does not leave the greasy taste in your mouth.


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