Weather the weather: Winter Meditations for Chicagoans

In general, is it useless to complain about the weather’s impact on your day-to-day.  Chicagoans, we are all in the same situation.  Truth is, to lead every conversation with the,       ‘ Weather sucks’ or  ‘I am sick of Chicago’ is annoying.  At the end of the day, I still love this city, but I have had to resort to meditations to get through the challenges this season, which is my new word for the shitty-ass weather.  Sounds better right? Like I am not even complaining.

Before I give you these mediations, let me share my morning quickly.   I was parked in front of my house on the side of the street marked with the street signs, NO PARKING 1:30pm to 3:30pm tow zone (I realize this is the stupidest parking restriction in the city).  I got stuck on the ‘bad’ side of the street because last night I could not find parking on the ‘good’ side of the street.  Like many, my car was buried under snow and victimized by the plows and drift.   I allotted enough time to dig my car out before work.  As I got to my back tire with the shovel, the snow-plow came down my street again.

I made eye contact with the driver, he saw me, he shrugged his shoulders and I moved out of the way.  I was buried the same as I was 20 minutes earlier.  It was at this moment that my meditations downloaded in my mind.  I was not mad and actually felt the lesson was bigger that the task before me.  So don’t hate- MEDITATE!


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  • I see you're very zen-sitive to the snow. It is only temporary. It too shall pass.

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