5 Studies that will improve your health in 2014

574407461.    The Journal of Cephalagia reported that sex actually relieves migraine pain and even headache clusters.  One third of the participants were successful in using sexual activity as headache therapy.

Note to self- remember this study. Yes, I had to look up Cephalagia , it is the study of headaches (who knew?).  I would say that I just gave most men the scientific foundation to build a solid case for the classic ‘headache’ excuse.  Male readers,  be smart, take credit for this fact.  Find the study on line (okay here it is), print it out and explain how you were looking into alternative, holistic treatments for headaches.  Bonus points!

smoking-scale-2002.    Weight management was cited as the most popular health goal, unlike improving the use of tabacco, which came in last place in a California health study from last year.

Odd that so many people think these two goals are un-related.  Apparently the tabbacco industry has been quite successful throughout 2013 in distracting Americans from the basic fact that -  The use of any tabacco products is not a healthy habit.  Smoking can still kill you! Really? Last on the list? 

images3.    Journal of American Medical Association revealed that hostile people are 68% more likely to suffer from cardiovascular events like heart attacks, heart failure and death.  Over 1000 people in a 7-year period were part of this study.

This does not surprise me at all.  Angry people look like they are suffering from something uncomfortable all the time.   I take this study to mean, that people who smile more and laugh often have better cardiovascular health.  I am no scientist, but I am pretty sure I am right.


female-pullups4.    A couple 2013 surveys revealed that the top trends moving forward into 2014 is high-intensity interval training and body-weight exercises.  This has replaced trends like Zumba, spinning and barefoot walking that were on the top of the list in 2012 and 2013.

No-dah! Like barefoot running was going to stick.  Only if the trend was sponsored by the American Podiatric Community.  Happy to be right; since body weight exercises and high intensity intervals have been the foundation of my gym’s format since 2001.  I am not saying weights are irrelevant.  In fact, they are a critical staple of a well -rounded workout.  But yes, your physical fitness level should be tied to your ability to manage and move your own body in so many directions- forward- backwards-up-down-side-to-side.

charmin25.      After 51 restroom stalls were analyzed, it was found that the stall closest to the door had the lowest bacteria levels and of course the most toilet paper.

This makes total sense to me.  I am guessing people think that if you are close to the door, people outside can hear you using the restroom.  If you have phobias with bathroom germs and public places – I think this study just saved your life.  If you add that to standing before flushing the toilet, you might be on your way to a full recovery.


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