Improve Workplace Happiness

Improve Workplace Happiness

American companies need to look at the Science of Happiness as a way to improve employee productivity.   So much of the social sciences have focused on the emotional and mental ailments of  humans.  But truthfully, it is not hard to figure out why many people in corporate America don’t smile at work.  Instead of talking about the negatives, I think it is time to focus on the positives.  Take a look at all the little things that bring a smile to a person’s face.

The science of happiness is a new field of study in the social sciences.  Their conclusions are fairly simple.  Focus on what makes people happy.  If you want to increase employee productivity and engagement at your company, make your employees happier and they will spend less time looking for another job.

Most would guess that wealth is the one key component to breed happiness.   Truthfully, once a person’s basic needs are met, money is not a catalyst for happiness, according to Edward Diener, a University of Illinois psychologist.   Companies can look at increasing the happiness score of their employees by integrating wellness initiatives.  When people feel better, get sick less, experience less pain and discomfort and receive emotional validation, they are less distracted and crabby.

If you are looking for ways to integrate the Science of Happiness into your company’s workplace culture you can also read up on the subject.  I have suggested two books below.  Otherwise, reach out to me about strategies you would like to take towards improving workplace happiness or share one of your success stories.

Stefan Klein, has written a book called The Science of Happiness.  He covers topics like the secret of smiling, love, passion and the strategic conscienceless that ultimately keep you on a path of happiness.

Ben-Shahr, a Harvard Professor wrote Happier: Finding Meaning, Pleasure and the Ultimate Currency.  This book explains what happiness is, improving happiness in the workplace and offers various meditations in happiness.


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