Gift Guide for Women that Exercise: Buy her the right outfit for her body shape

Get the right type of workout clothes for your mother, girlfriend, sister or wife.  Use this guide to help you pick out the right type of clothes.

Women with a Square/Rectangular Shaped Body

When you do not have a small waistline and your shoulders are muscular and broad, it is best to create curves with your clothes.

  1. This illusion can be created by wearing tops that have some gathering along the sides.  I also think that racerbacks look better than spaghetti straps.  Athletica Top Shown.
  2. Pants or shorts that have color stripes along the hips and side of the legs offer an that makes the figure look much more curvy.   I am also a big fan of skorts for women who want to add sexy to the curves. Lucy Shorts Shown
  3. If you are not busty and hope for added ‘va-voom,’ you can never go wrong with a workout bra that has some built in padding.
  4. You can also try a pant that has a gathered and wide waist band .  I would not suggest the flare bottom unless you are tall.  But it is becoming more in style.  Fitness Revolution Pants Shown

Women with an Apple-Shaped Body

Apple shaped women are usually way too tough on themselves. I think there are so many things that look great on this shape.  In fact, there are so many cool styles in fitness right now that will look fantastic on an apple shaped body.

  1. Wear a cute top that ties at the side or front along the bottom.  The trick is in choosing a top that is not too long or short. Make sure it doesn’t stop above your waistline.  It should stop right below your hips. LuLu Lemon Tank as shown  Lulu Lemon Legging as shown.
  2. I prefer a wide strap style than a spaghetti strap unless your shoulders are toned.
  3. Tights that end right below the knee and capris look great on this type of figure.  I prefer the fitted style so that the top or tank-ini style can hang over the hips. Lorne Jane Tights as shown.

Women with a Pear Shaped Body

Pear shaped bodies have been documented in art as desirable throughout time.  Pear shaped women have a lot of sexy lines to work with and should embrace this historically feminine aspect of their figure.

1.  If you are always trying to slim down your legs and would like to de-emphasize them, do not wear stripes along the side of your thighs.  Although you can wear fitted tights and boot cut pants, you should take your height into account.  The longer your legs, the easier it is to wear colorful pants that are flared at the bottom. I think black is a little overdone and you can’t hide behind black forever. Try a little color on the bottom (without going crazy), mix it up with some blues and even the medium toned greys. Mowaa Leggings as shown  Mowaa Belted Pants as shown

2.  The tops you wear can offer a wide variety of styles.  I do think that pear shaped bodies look great in V-necks and a bustline- that has a seam or stitching along the bottom.  This creates a separation between the bust and the rest of the torso.  Because that you top does not stop too low on your hips. You want to separate your upper body form your lower body. LuLu Lemon top as shown            Old Navy Top as shown




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