Is carrot juice good for you?

Is carrot juice good for you?

We have been told that carrots are good for our eyes, hair, skin and nails.    We have been told that carrots are good for cleansing the liver.  All of these things are true , however fresh juice in general gives the body the wrong type of calories and has drastic effects on blood sugar.  The best way to gain the nutritional value of carrots in juice,it to use  it as a sweetening  additive to  dark leafy greens, like kale and spinach.

Carrot juice in particular, will give you a healthy amount of beta-carotene (which converts to vitamin A in the body), but it also contains a lot of sugar.  Juices so high in sugar, regardless of the other nutrient enriched characteristics, can have a negative effect on your overall diet.   An example of this is consuming it as a regular beverage.  Fresh fruit and vegetable juices amount to a tremendous amount of calories.  A better use of them would be to combine them for flavor in a protein smoothie, which is being used as a meal replacement .  The added fresh carrot juice with kale or spinach would heighten the nutritional profile of your protein smoothie and boost the flavor. Keep in mind, this is only the case if it is freshly juiced carrots.

In a glass of carrot juice made from 1 pound of fresh carrots, the following food values have been identified:

▪                12g Protein

▪                18g Carbohydrates

▪                69mg Calcium

▪                1.3mg Iron

▪                635mg Potassium

▪                20,460 International Units (IUs) Vitamin A as Beta Carotene

▪                15mg Vitamin C and small amounts of B Vitamins

(United States Department of Agriculture Handbook).

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