Healthy & Delicious Dishes at Taste of Randolph

The summer street fairs could kill someone's figure.  The food Chicago offers up is always fantastic.  Living in a city with so many restaurants is tough if you are committed to also having the body you desire.  But if enjoying the spirits offered at street fairs is as important as savoring the culinary creations - how do you do it?

Here are my picks for enjoying the Taste of Randolph Fair that is happening this weekend in Chicago's West Loop (from the 900 W to 1200 W block of Randolph).  Before revealing the meals I suggest below, I will admit, I did sample some of the less healthy dishes (that my friends purchased).  And,  I believe the healthy options below are as enjoyable as the heavier options.  In fact, these dishes went well with the sangria that I enjoyed all night long. Try this line up of dishes this weekend and you will not need to dig out your 'fat jeans' on Monday morning.

First Course

Belly Q, 1400 W Randolph

Start with an app of Chilled Edamame with a soy balsamic dressing, only $2.50

Plenty to share, grab extra napkins as you nibble on these tasty beans.

Second Course

Wishbone, 1001 W Washington, 312-850-2663

Tomato Cucumber Salad, only $3.50

Served super cold and crunchy. I had it as a second course and then I had it again about an hour later as an after dinner snack.  Super refreshing in the heat! 

followed with:

Hoppin' Jack Chilled, only $2.50

Tasted great despite being cold.  It was light, and there was plenty to share.  Not too many onions, not too spicy and the beans were cooked perfectly.

Third Course

Alhambra, 124o W Randolph, 312-666-9555

Jerusalem Salad, filled with tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, tahini sauce and lemon, only $2.00

I know it seems like overkill, but on a hot day I do enjoy eating a sampling of salads.  The seasoning of this was completely different than the one at Wishbone.  If you are with friends, perhap each of you could buy one and share.

Fourth Course

La Sardine, 111 North Carpenter, 312-421-2800

Shrimp Brochette, grilled with some vegetables, only $6.50.

 You see it made fresh.  A perfect meal for a hot summer day.  It will does not leave you hungry and once again tastes great with beer and sangria.





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