Celebrity Trainer: Jeanette Jenkins at SHAPE event this weekend at North Ave Beach!

Celebrity Trainer: Jeanette Jenkins at SHAPE event this weekend at North Ave Beach!

Jeanette Jenkins will be teaching workout classes this weekend at the SHAPE Summer Beach Tour this weekend, Saturday, June 16th.  The event is sponsored by the #1 women's active lifestyle magazine SHAPE.  It will be held at Chicago's beautiful North Ave.Beach.  Jeanette will be teaching a Bikini Bootcamp class.    To get more details and join in on the fun click here.

To learn more about Jeanette and her philosophy on training check out the short interview I did with her.

1.  What type of class will you be teaching at the SHAPE event in Chicago?

BIKINI BOOTCAMP which is a SUPER FUN HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL CLASS using some of my favorite exercises and drills from kickboxing, various sports, yoga & traditional calisthenics whith of course "a little JJ twist" and several of my own personally designed toning exercises!

2.  What types of fitness workouts have you been enjoying lately - for your own benefit?

I am a CROSS TRAINING NUT so I do it all: Hiking, Sprints, Heavy Weight Training, Yoga & I even do my own videos. I know it's hard to believe but my Bikini Bootcamp & Power Yoga are so challenging that sometimes I do them at home when I'm short on time and I can get to the gym. The last time I did my Bikni BootcampDVD I couldn't walk for 3 days.

3a.  What is the number one objection you have to overcome with new clients?

Scheduling. Everyone leads a busy life and getting clients to understand that the only way we are going to get results is to find 5 time slots a week where they can get a great workout in.  Honestly this is another reason why my DVD's have been so helpful.  Pink, Alicia Keys, Tia Mowry & Kelly Rowland have all thanked me on seperate occasions for making my workout DVD's. When they are travelling the world and can't get to a gym or have late nights they know they can just pop in my Power Yoga or Bikni Bootcamp and get it done.  Alicia Keys has specifically asked me to make a new Power Yoga DVD for busy mom's because my Power Yoga is 80minutes she wants a 30min, 45min & 60min.  I have promised her that I will do it!

I think scheduling is the hardest for all people because one of the #1 complaints is I don't have time. So using working DVD's is a great way to fit a workout in whenever you have time and you don't even have to travel to a gym. You just pop it in and GO!

3b.  How do you approach changing their perception?

CONSISTENCY. I accept that change takes time and I don't ever give up on my clients. Never Give UP. Every Sunday we schedule their workouts for the week ahead and they know that every sunday like clock work they are going to get that email from me asking to confirm their workout schedule for the following week.

Once your workouts are put into your schedule like any other important meeting then there is a much higher likelihood that you will get it done.

4.  What fitness genre or active hobby would you like to learn that you have not yet done?

Hmmmmm Great Question!  I absolutely love Snowboarding so I do want to spend more time learning new freestyle tricks but I think I would like to spend some more time learning how to Surf.  I grew up swimming competitively as a child and my first job was actually as a lifeguard and swim instructor so I love the water.  I have taken a few surf lessons but I really want to do it more!

I also would like to compete in a triathlon. I have never done a triathlon and I think it would be a lot of fun.

5.  If you could make every person you love make one change in their lifestyle that would positively impact their life - what would it be?

To eat three servings of green vegetables everyday and to make the choice to see the positive in everything that comes their way.

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