Women's Boxing in the London Olympics, Wearing Skirts Approved!

Women's Boxing in the London Olympics, Wearing Skirts Approved!

I know it sounds strange, but it is very comfortable to wear a workout skirt (like a longer tennis skirt) when doing boxing, kickboxing and muay thai.   Most women who train very hard in the combat sports put very little thought into their training clothes.  It is a little different than being an avid yoga practitioner or fitness junkie.  Assembling an outfit has never really been part of the combat sport culture.  Clothes are practical, comfortable and intended to last through the obvious contact.

But I have a handful of skorts that I train in (mostly in the warmer weather) that I love.  They have the right combination of style, comfort, durability, length and looseness (in the groin) for the conditioning, kicking, sprawling drills and flexibility training.

So I was thrilled to read on ESPN.com that woman boxers will be allowed to wear skirts while competing.  Let me first say, it goes without saying that there are shorts underneath or attached in some capacity to the skirts.

The International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) updated their rules on their website about a month ago.   I do think this is a smart marketing tool.  It will allow the female competitors to present themselves in a more feminine manner. Sadly, Cuba (who have produced amazing male boxers over the last 60 years) refused to even send female boxers to this summer's Olympics.  But the Eastern European countries who always prove to produce fantastic competitors too are evolving with the Americans, producing strong female boxers and even had their athletes wear skirts during the European Boxing Championships  (women's division); and they looked good.  It didn't take anything away from their fighting skills.


The sport of boxing has a 'butchi-ness' associated with it.  I have seen several of the Olympic hopefuls for the women's division and they simply have great bodies.  If they choose to wear skirts, it will be an intelligent  & strategic move on their part.  There is nothing wrong with highlighting your feminine style and presence while being a strong  athlete.   What a great way for them to change some of the conservative and ignorant views out there on women's boxing.  Let's turn these female fighters into potential spokesperson candidates; who may end up with endorsements from Addias with a new line of workout gear that me and all my female students at POW! can gladly buy up.

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