Warning to Mothers: Some baby foods have less than 20% of daily nutrients

Warning to Mothers: Some baby foods have less than 20% of daily nutrients

Recent research reveals that ready made baby meals had less than 1/5 of the daily recommended calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron.  After reading this report from the University of Greenwich School of Science, I am glad that I was always able to make all of my children’s baby food.

The research team from this UK University took samples from 8 different types of food that were produced by 4 different companies.  After subjecting all the different jars of baby food to tests using high tech-instruments that analyzed the contents (a coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer), it was found that the foods had hardly any nutrients.

In fact, there were 4 meats, 3 vegetables and 1 vegetable with pasta flavor analyzed.  The part of the report that really got me 'worked-up' was: if an infant consumed one of the meat jars, one of the vegetable jars and 600ml of formula milk it still would not be enough calcium, magnesium, copper and selenium.  The levels of these three together were less than 20% of the recommended daily supply.

This makes me angry that the combination of the 3 sources of food would leave an infant completely mal-nourished.  Although the report did not reveal the names of the manufactures, they should be given to whatever governing body oversees food manufacturing and fined, or forced to change the content.

I realize it is easy for me to preach homemade baby food. I think all my kids in total had a combination of 5 jars of store bought baby food.  They were all bought on the fly when I was out in the city, at a street fair or festival.  I simply just ran to Walgreens.  But many women do not like to cook, can’t find the time to make their own or lack the financial means to buy all the vegetables raw and make food in bulk.  With this being said, people all overthe world should be able to trust that store bought baby food has at least the daily recommended nutrients.  You may not be able to control the fact that there is extra sugar, sodium or preservatives, but the content has to exceed far more than 20% of the nutrients.

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