Made in Chicago: KoreFit, An all-in-1 fitness tool.

I have the pleasure of meeting so many different people in the fitness industry.  The great thing is that they all contribute to the industry in different ways.  I recently met the guys over at KoreFit.  They are located at 2023 W. Carroll Ave in the Kinzie Industrial Quarter of Chicago.  They were kind enough to drop off  a KoreFit apparatus at my gym POW! .  Whenever I have new toys, I ask students that work in the fitness industry to play with them and give feedback.  One of my students Deanna Bellamy, who also owns her own training business, Body Revolution was the perfect student to have test out the KoreFit.  She is a personal trainer who conducts training sessions often outside, using the elements of her surroundings as a means to build strength and unique fitness exercises.  Because of the adaptability of KoreFit, I thought she would love to take it on the go and give a try.   Here is her review.

KoreFit has impressed me with the rebound and balance training capacity on this innovative fitness apparatus.   The combination is very exciting because of it’s variety in preventive, rehabilitating, and dynamic exercise opportunity.  Both cardiovascular and strengthening, numerous body needs can be accomplished on this piece. There is a vast amount of research on rebound training benefits.   Some research claims rebounding can boost the immune system by temporarily increasing white blood cells, which assists in cellular repair.  Rebound training can stimulate tissue repair, strength gain in muscles and bones while also protecting joints from stressful impact.  Rebounding can help strengthen your heart, improve blood pressure and increase circulation.   It can help stimulate the digestive system and the lymphatic system, where your body cleans itself internally.  Studies also show improvement in coordination and focus after rebound training is done.  Now most rebound training research is done on trampolines, which are great fun, but one can practice rebounding with the simple act of bouncing on a surface that does not cause impact or shock on joints.  N.A.S.A. research shows that this type of training has more benefits than running.

Proprioceptive (balance) and neuromuscular (stability) training is important for joint health, activation of the stabilizing muscles around your joints, as well as in your core.  Balance training will also help find muscle imbalances in the body, by demanding attention from the under-developed muscles, by activating then challenging them, which in turn will make them stronger and help counteract the over-active muscles.  Stability training will re-educate the biomechanical movement of joints and muscles.  Solid balance and stability can not be attained or sustained with present muscle imbalances or dysfunctions.

With that being said, this one piece of equipment can help conquer a lot of body goals and issues.  From balance and stability training, to full body exercise options.   This can be accomplished with or with out the resistance KoreBands.  KORE FIT is efficient and Fun!  I like that in fitness device, especially when it has the capacity to engage your body from head to toe, and literally this device has that function.  What is also interesting is the construction and mechanics of the KORE FIT trainer.  The twin balance pads called KoreBallasts, are spacious enough to jump and land on safety.  They are constructed with an appropriately weighted base with non slip guards.   They work together by channeling air through the pipe that connects them.  The level of challenge can be increased or decreased in the balance pads by turning the dial conveniently located in the middle.  The three secure hooks are located around each KoreBallast for versatility in resistance band anchoring.  This is giving you even more resistance training options!  KORE FIT can make a great addition to a home gym, as it easily folds and takes up minimal space.  With a strong  handle, that with one quick pick up, turns the KORE FIT mobile, ready to be transported to any location for use.



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    I just find the price a little too high..

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