10 Trader Joe's Picks that total under $30.00

10 Trader Joe's Picks that total under $30.00

I have a new intern at POW! from the University of Illinois, Department of Kinesiology.  Her name is Christy Ghiselli. We both really love to cook and enjoy vegetables.   I cook for 6 and she is a college student, so budget is a concern for us both.  We also try to do organic as often as possible.  But it is not always possible because of the cost.  Our overall goal is to eat organic when it matters, but mostly nutrient dense foods. While Whole Foods is nice, Trader Joe’s provides a wide variety of healthy options at very affordable prices.  So I was thrilled when Christy created a list of her Trader Joe’s Top Picks.  The groceries below cost $30.00 for 10 of Christy’s favorite foods. This lasts Christy 5 days (Monday to Friday).

  1. Organic Arugula- $2.49 & located in the vegetable aisle
  2. Persian Cucumbers- $2.49 & located in the vegetable aisle
  3. 8 Healthy Chopped Veggie Mix- $2.99 & located in the vegetable aisle
  4. Organic Gala Apples- $2.49 & located in the fruit stands
  5. Sprouted Multigrain Bread- $3.69 & located near sprouted bread and gluten free breads
  6. Protein Power Muffins: Banana Chocolate Chip- $2.99 & located with other muffins near the sprouted breads
  7. Harvest Grain Blend-$2.69 & located on the bottom shelf near rice
  8. Dried Cranberries with Orange- $1.99 & located near the nuts
  9. Go Raw Trek Mix- $4.99 & located near dried fruits & granola bars
  10. Dark Chocolate Powerberries- $3.49 & located near the chocolate covered nuts in the middle of the freezer cases

by Christy Ghiselli

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