My Kid’s Jedi Training Birthday Party: Will George Lucas come after me?

We all know that George Lucas protects the STAR WARS franchise like a mamma bear with its cubs.  His efforts are justified. But I found myself worried about violating the trademark issues when I was creating a Jedi Training STAR WARS theme party for my 5 year old.  First of all, I wanted his STAR WARS themed birthday to be active.  I didn’t want to rent a place for an open play and just buy STAR WARS plates and call it a day.  Not to mention, I didn’t want to spend more than a $200.   My son and I wanted the kids to really role-play and participate in a training session that makes them feel powerful, agile and of course exhausted at the end.  So I did my party at my business POW! Kids in the West Loop. Although we offer a lot of cool things for kids, we had never done a STAR WARS thing.

I started by going to Party City and bought a bunch of STAR WARS goodies: invitations, pencil sharpeners, balls, banners, table clothes and even a version of ‘pin the tail on the donkey,’ – but instead it used X-wing fighters ( I bought it a la carte).  The coolest thing I bought was a Darth Vader piñata.  Then, I found at Williams and Sonoma STAR WARS cookie cutters, sandwich makers & cupcake decorations.  These were a little expense, but since I couldn’t find anyone to make a STAR WARS cake, it evened itself out (they were pricing at $100- crazy!).  I made the cupcakes myself and used the decorations to bring The Force into every little bite of sugar they had.  Between these extras, some cool role playing physical activities and all the other STAR WARS sticker books, toys, coloring books we already had I was set!

So here is a breakdown of the best parts of the party.  It might help you out if you want to create your own Jedi training birthday party for your kid.  Check out the photos to see to visual.

  1. Buy blank gift bags and the STAR WARS sticker book (we used the Clone Wars book) and have your kids decorate each bag for the party.
  2. Bake cupcakes in various flavors and use the Williams and Sonoma decorations.
  3. Make sandwiches on a flat whole wheat bread.  I used turkey and cheese.  I cut the meat and cheese to fit perfectly in the middle of the bread.  Then I used the metal cookie cutters of the X-wing fighters and cut the sandwiches out.  Unfortunately, I wasted all the crust of the bread.  I made 24 sandwiches – so 2 loafs.
  4. I found these awesome masks of the various characters.  I printed out Princess Leia, Darth Vader and Yoda.  Then I taped them to an actually superhero mask (cheap throw away ones).
  5. Get the plastic blow up light sabers that are at Party City.  They light up!!!  Then create any type of training exercise for the kids.  They were about $3.00 each. I divided the kids into teams and had them stand on BOSUs (balancing tools) while squatting, swinging and moving with the light saber.
  6. The piñata was the best touch ($20.00).  I filled it with fairly good stuff.  The best part was that I had it lower down on a pulley that holds a heavy bag.  I wrapped a vampire cape around the head – so it looked super menacing.  The heavy bag is in the boxing ring.  So it was awesome to see them look up at him and their eyes when Darth Vader lowered down upon them.
  7. I happen to have one of those real light sabers that light up and make all the noise.  They are amazing.  I blew up about 10 balloons (the ones used for water balloon fights).  I had them take turns using the light saber to keep the balloon from dropping to the ground.  Because I was using my business, I was able to do this in the MMA cage.  I put signs up that had pictures of Jedi’s from the Clone Wars that said ‘Jedi Light Training Arena.’  There were a lot of ooohhhh, when they entered.  Doing it in gave is texture and transformed them.  Also, it allowed 3 kids to do the balloon exercise at a time.  I also used the blow up light sabers.

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